Garfield and Friends DVD boxes

All the U.S. Acres segments up to "Pranks A Lot!" have been released to DVD as part of Garfield and Friends' DVD boxsets out so far, including the recently released Volume 6.

U.S. Acres Tales

All episodes of this series of U.S. Acres shorts have been released to DVD.

Themed volumes

A couple of themed volumes were released by Celebrity's Just For Kids based on different themes. Usually, these are three or six (excluding the Roy and Wade volumes, which have five) U.S. Acres episodes strung together, with the Garfield and Friends "Ready to Party" theme at the beginning of the DVD, and the season where a majority of the episode came from's end credits came from.

Volume 1: Orson Pig's Amazing Adventures

  1. Unidentified Flying Orson
  2. Shelf Esteem
  3. Origin of Power Pig
  4. Orson's Diner
  5. The Orson Awards
  6. The Orson Express

Volume 2: Roy's Funniest Ficasos

  1. Banana Nose
  2. The Impractical Joker
  3. Fine Feathered Funnyman
  4. The Legal Eagle
  5. Grape Expectations

Volume 3: Wade's Scardey-Cat Stories

  1. Wade, You're Afraid
  2. First Aid Wade
  3. The Bunny Rabbits Is Coming!
  4. Nothing To Be Afraid Of
  5. Egg Over Easy

Volume 4: Booker and Shelldon's Cool Capades

  1. Shell Shocked Shelldon
  2. Short Story
  3. Little Red Riding Egg
  4. An Eggciting Story
  5. Badtime Story
  6. Hare Force

Volume 5: Bo and Lanolin: Best Siblings Forever!

  1. The Bad Sport
  2. Keeping Cool
  3. Goody Go Round
  4. I Like Having You Around
  5. Much Ado About Lanolin
  6. A Little Time Off

Complimation Movies

Unlike the themed DVDs, which include only 3 or 6 of the U.S. Acres segments with opening theme and credits on each episodes, these DVDs are movies made from 13, 14 or 15 U.S. Acres segments with no opening or ending theme, just the episodes and special end credits with new songs done for these movies. There is one slight change, though- episodes that were originally two-parters are put together to form a longer episode that has no mention of it being a two parter.

Movie 1: Fun Fantasies

  1. Payday Mayday
  2. Deja Vu
  3. The Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster
  4. It's A Wonderful Wade
  5. Stark Raven Mad
  6. Who Done It?
  7. Orson in Wonderland
  8. The Well Dweller
  9. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Wade
  10. Orson at the Bat
  11. The Ugly Duckling
  12. For Butter or Worse
  13. Swine Trek
  14. Little Red Riding Egg
  15. Hamelot

Movie 2: Everyday Escapdes 

  1. Banana Nose
  2. Orson's Diner
  3. Flop Goes The Weasel
  4. Make Believe Moon
  5. Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs
  6. The Name Game
  7. Sleepytime Pig
  8. The Return of Power Pig
  9. Grabbity
  10. Egg Over Easy
  11. Fortune Kooky
  12. The Wolf Who Cried Boy
  13. Mud Sweet Mud
  14. First Aid Wade
  15. Shelf Esteem

Movie 3: Adventures with Friends

  1. Orson Goes On Vacation
  2. Birthday Boy Roy
  3. Forget-Me-Not Newton
  4. Sooner Or Later
  5. A Mildly Mental Mix-Up
  6. Uncle Roy To The Rescue
  7. Holiday Happening
  8. The Son Also Rises
  9. Kiddie Korner
  10. Double Trouble Talk
  11. Wanted: Wade!
  12. Goody Go Round
  13. Cornfinger
  14. The Caverns of Cocoa

Movie 4: Unidentified Flying Orson

  1. The Discount of Monte Cristo
  2. The Farmyard Feline Philosopher
  3. What's It All About, Wade?
  4. Rainy Day Robot
  5. The Bo Show
  6. Flights of Fantasy
  7. Jack II: The Rest Of The Story
  8. Quack To The Future
  9. Big Bad Buddy Bird
  10. No Laughing Matter
  11. Fan Clubbing
  12. Gort Goes Good!
  13. National Tapioca Pudding Day
  14. Unidentified Flying Orson

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