This article is an episode list for Willa and The Fairies.

Season 1

Bitter Chocolate - Willa gets a box of deluxe-chocolate delivered to her house and gets inside to enjoy it, but the fairies have decided to take it all for themselves, and Willa won't easily give up the chocolates without a fight.

It's All Under Control - The fairies decide to jump into Jane's head, take over her brain and control her to wreak havoc all around the place – including on Willa, if necessary. It will be, however, much easier said than done.

French Fries - After making some French fries, Willa intends on having a well-deserved snack, that is, if she can take them back from the fairies first.

Mission Willa - After getting herself trapped in a drink bottle, Opal is kidnapped by Willa and locked up in the cabinet. Upon seeing this, Jasper and Pearlie attempt to get past Willa's newly installed defense system and save their fellow fairy by any means.

It's Been a Hard Day's Noise - Willa wants to listen to her music CD in peace, but the fairies decide to pump up the volume into and beyond acceptable limits.

The Patient - Jane ends up frozen in a block of ice while chasing the fairies, so Willa nurses her. The fairies plan to exchange Jane's medicine for a concoction of their own. Willa does not notice anything, though.

Shake Willa Shake - Willa and Jane are doing their chores but the fairies crank Willa's energy drink up quite a notch as to make Willa do everything very fast.

The Rise and the Fall - Jane is building a skyscraper, and Willa has a fear of heights. Jane helps to get her to sleep, but Willa starts sleepwalking and the fairies sabotage the skyscraper.

It's a Small World - Using a photocopier, Willa shrinks herself down to the fairies' size in order to infiltrate their home and take back the key to her padlocked refrigerator.

Happy Birthday - Willa is having a birthday party. The fairies crash the party and are up to no good. Worse still, Willa develops suicidal tendencies following an unintentional accident involving Jane's champagne glass pyramid, forcing Jane to try to protect her for as long as she can, even if it means taking the lumps herself.

Metamorphosis - After consuming a piece of irradiated chocolate, obvious placed in the box by the fairies, Willa transforms into a fairy herself.

Wrong Side of the Bed - Willa is afraid of bad luck after discovering that today is Friday the 13th. The fairies decide to take full advantage of her dilemma.

Go Slow With Your Dough - Jane has to pay a major debt, so she brings a suitcase full of money to Willa's house and asks her to look after it. Willa becomes paranoid knowing that all that money is in her house, especially when the fairies take matters into their hands. Eventually, Willa's paranoia escalates and she winds up destroying the case. This results Jane being pummeled when she returns it to the Chinese owner the next day. Jane pummels Willa as a revenge for destroying her case.

One Track Life - While Jane is hooked on video games, Willa tries to pass the time by playing with a train set, which the fairies use for loading some of Willa's property.

Mouseagator - After getting run over Willa's new remote-controlled lawnmower, the fairies get their revenge by forging their own human-destroyer machine that looks like a mouse, but acts like an alligator.

A Tip for the Road - Willa takes driving lessons from a blind driving instructor and the fairies interfere, shifting the experience into chaos around town.

The Outsider - A mouse makes his way into Willa's household, taking whatever he wants, namely food and shelter. Willa has a fear of mice, and even the fairies are not getting on well with this uninvited guest.

Baby Doll - Willa is playing with her doll and its included dollhouse. The fairies, however, have taken the dollhouse for themselves and when Jasper spots the doll, he falls in love with it. This results in Willa making an all-out siege on the dollhouse to take back what is rightfully hers: the doll.

So Lonely - Willa finally manages to remove the fairies out of her home permanently by sealing them in a tin can, but gradually regrets doing so, as she starts to miss them, leading to a severe tantrum. So Willa plays practical jokes onto herself.

Willa and the Babies - Willa and Jane, after eradicating the fairies from their house, receive 3 baby kittens – little do they knew and suspect that these bundles of joy are actually the fairies in disguise, obviously in retaliation for being kicked out of the house.

Rock 'n Roll Altitude - Willa has a fear of flying, and while taking her on a flight on an airplane, Jane tries hypnosis to help her relax. After the fairies snap Willa out of hypnosis, she becomes so scared that she will not let go of the plane's tail wing so Jane removes it while the fairies go for a spaceship.

It's a Long Way Down - While Jane takes up mountain climbing, Willa intends on reading a good book from her library, only to end up getting stranded in some very high book shelves by the fairies, while Jane is having problems of her own at the mountain. Looks like it is going to be a real long way down for both of them.

Occupied - Willa desperately needs to use the bathroom, but the fairies have it occupied and do all what they can to keep her out of it.

Globulopolis - Opal is just swimming on Willa's yogurt, when, unknown to her, Willa drinks it up, and Opal along with it. Opal then travels around Willa's insides and decides to give Willa the mother of all indigestions.

The Dictator - While helping to catch the fairies, Jane starts acting like a ruthless, superior-minded dictator to Willa, reducing her to a downtrodden proletariat – an action she will live and come to regret, as that will evolve into a struggle between control and freedom, which also results with the fairies helping Willa in this problem. A conflict then starts, and Willa needs to take revenge on Jane for taking over her house.

Heatwave - The fairies fight Willa over getting a sun tan.

Duck Soup - Willa and Jane are making and preparing duck soup for their dinner, with the main ingredient being the duck itself, until a lot of its angry, protesting duck friends show up.

Winner Takes All - Conflict begins between Willa and Jane after Pearlie sabotages a game of chess just by stealing one of the pieces.

The Ghost Hunter - After Willa finally manages to kill the fairies with a frying pan, the fairies' spirits come back and constantly make nightmares a reality for poor little Willa. Will she be able to put down this paranormal paranoia she has created, and how will she do it – or is it all over for her sanity?

Fairyball - Willa gets her hands on a new, super bouncing-ball. She decides to try it out and it soon bounces all over the house, wrecking everything in its path. Things get worse when Pearlie gets a hold of it.

Willa's Clone - The fairies play a hit-and-run prank where they frame Willa by dressing up as her and attacking Jane.

Beach Blanket Bozos - Willa is going to the beach for what she thinks will be a relaxing day off. What she does not notice, is that the fairies has decided to tag along. And when Willa and the fairies are near each other, trouble is bound to happen.

Emergency Room - Willa gets sent to the hospital when she trips over down the stairs in pursuit while Jane watches over her. Unfortunately for her, the fairies decide to take a visit to the hospital – just to make an already bad situation worse for Willa.

Willa Van Winkle - The fairies receive a zapping from Willa's newly found time-freezing gun. They eventually wake up in the future where they see Willa and Jane as adults have decided to abandon their fairy-chasing childhoods. The fairies decide to take advantage of this, which results in a chaotic fight the future has never seen before.

Season 2

Fame and Glory - Willa really wants to go to the circus but has no money, so Jane makes a circus for herself, including, for the two girls, the fairies.

Love and Kisses - Willa's cousin, Ash, comes over for a visit, whereas Jane is in love and tries to be a thrillseeker like him. However, love and kisses will not be for long, as the fairies try their best to ruin it.

Milk Diet - Opal wins a cow in a lottery, and in prize she brings the cow to Willa's house. To make more milk, Opal brings a bull to Willa's place, but her plan then gets backfired.

Crazy Shopping - Willa arrives at the supermart, and the fairies have tagged along. Soon, their never-ending squabble results in Willa knocking down a huge pile of detergent. Willa is literally kicked out by the security guard and is forced to disguise herself in order to enter the shop and complete her errands.

Hit the Road Willa - Willa plans on going caravanning, but the fairies keep ruining it for her.

That's the Last Straw! - There is always one last resort with the fairies; this time, the fairies attempt to fool Willa and Jane by putting a piece of bubble gum on the telescope which makes the girls think that there is a meteor coming.

Life's a Beach - Jane turns the backyard into a beach for everyone to do whatever they had in mind, but all Willa gets is nothing but disaster from the customers, and needs all the urgent help she can get – even if it means from the fairies.

Hip Hop Hypnosis - Jasper learns how to do hypnosis and plans to hypnotize Willa for anything.

Missing in Action - A jog in the park with Jane goes wrong for Willa when she trips over, causing her to try to catch up. However, as always, the fairies are around to make matters worse for the girl.

Robo-Willa - When the fairies break the head of one of Willa's most precious figurines, she gets so frustrated and heart-broken that she simply sits still in the sofa, holding the piece of the broken head in her hand. The fairies decide to build a robot to take Willa's place in chasing them – a decision they will come to regret.

The Wonder Whistle - Willa receives a time-freezing whistle in the mail (along with some ear muffs), but when the fairies take notice of this, they trick her into thinking that she has frozen them in time, and upon doing so, they steal the whistle while Willa's away and cause mayhem in town by freezing everything.

Working Girl - With electricity bills and economic shortage, Willa decides to take up a job test in order to look for work, but it won't be easy with the fairies around.

Go For It, Jane - Willa wants to play table tennis but Jane gets busy trying to impress Ash. The fairies try their best to ruin Jane's attempts but Jane ends up conquering her love.

Do Not Lean out of the Window - Willa's taking a train home to the suburb, apparently – until the fairies decide to give her their own way of handling the railways. What would Jane do for this?

7 Minutes & Counting - After Willa is bitten by a poisonous snake, Jane has to take care of her. However, the fairies try to prevent her from doing so, as well as allowing the poison inside of Willa to kick in.

Saturday Black Fever - Willa strikes oil while doing a spot of gardening. Through this, she can earn a big profit. But very soon, Willa's profit gets ruined.

Flower Power - Willa finds a book on flower power and decides to become a peaceful hippie. The fairies try to provoke her into losing her temper, but to little avail.

Going Up - The stairs at Willa's house are too long, and is difficult for her to climb them up when chasing the fairies. So, she buys an elevator for making it easier to go to the second floor. Later, one elevator is not enough so Willa buys more elevators to go to other floors and areas of her house. However, thanks to the fairies, everything goes out of control.

Homebreaker - After her home gets reduced all the way down to ruins, Laney moves into Willa's house for a stay while her house is being rebuilt. Just how would Willa react with this situation?

Sky Diving - Just as Jane prepares to marry him, a thrill-seeking Ash decides to take up skydiving, taking both Willa and Jane with him. However, Opal has come along too, just to make the stunt harder for the already scared Jane.

Chatter Box - Willa buys a strange type of crackers that causes anyone who eats one to speak non-stop. She tries a piece and is unimpressed by the result. Opal also tries one out and starts speaking without stopping. However, Pearlie and Jasper are not impressed (and no one else by the way), until Jane also eats one of the crackers, and finally Opal and Jane have someone to talk to, but how will Willa be able to stop their nonstop chattering?

Season 3

Night Watch - Willa and Jane are assigned to keep watch over a nuclear plant, warned not to touch anything. However, the fairies decide to cause trouble for them both.

Abandoned Fairies - When Willa and Jane go on vacation yet again, the fairies tag along, then the girls plan on leaving them behind at a convenience store, which only ends with the fairies ruining their car.

V.I.P. Party - Willa is invited to an extravagant V.I.P. party. As always, the fairies come along and turn this party up one notch too high as Willa suffers torture by Jasper and Opal

Just Married! - The big day has arrived when Willa gets invited to the marriage of her cousin, Jane, promising to be fairy-free, but Pearlie, Jasper, and Opal come along for the wedding too, uninvited, just to cause trouble.

First Flight - Jane is preparing a biplane flight, but Willa gets on the wrong flight with the fairies as the pilots.

Invincible - After being run over by a car, Willa discovers she has superpowers, and Jane becomes her sidekick in order to protect the world from evil. However, both girls always get into trouble, especially Jane.

Priceless Fairies - Willa is visiting China and the fairies are there causing mischief. With that, Willa sells them to a Chinese merchant but then starts to think she made the wrong decision.

The World Underneath - The fairies' latest prank on Willa is trapping her under the house, Jane hears of it and makes the fairies go down to save her.

Horse Ride - Jane brings Willa a horse for a horse show. Willa plans on getting famous for riding it, but it soon becomes a show that only the fairies can enjoy.

Willa's Crab - Willa adopts a crab, knowing that it keeps the fairies away. However, the crab soon becomes too clingy to Willa, much to her dismay.

Surf's On - Willa and Jane are out surfing but Willa has problems with her boogie board. Plus, after she manages to control it, the fairies make things worse for her and Jane.

Locked Outside - The fairies lock Willa out of her house. Now Willa must find a way back in before her house is trashed.

The Good Fairy - Pearlie is hit on the head and treats Willa like a mother. Now Jasper and Opal must try to change her back, but it won't be easy as they think.

Moving Out - Willa is up to her breaking point with the fairies, so she moves to the city. Feeling sad and lonely, the fairies try to look for her – but when they show up in her new apartment room, something tells the city there is not enough room for the both of them.

Willa's Double - Willa meets another girl that is a near-perfect replica of herself (save for a blonde streak in her hair). When Jane learns of this, she decides to play a joke on the fairies making them think that Willa is everywhere, resulting in double the trouble.

Formula 1 - Jane invites Willa to see her participate as a racer in the big racing tournament being hosted at the circuit arena. But when the fairies come with the girls to get their race on, havoc-wreaking magical style, things are about to go way too turbo for Willa and Jane to stomach.

Season 4

Alfred Hedgehog- When a boy named Alfred Hedgehog moves into Willa's neighborhood, she instantly falls in love with him. However, Laney and Jane are also pining for Alfred, and the fairies are determined to ruin this relationship.

The Lighthouse Keeper - Willa and Jane become lighthouse keepers for the day, but Jane has a fear of heights and the fairies want to cause trouble.

A Jealous Girl - During a day in the yard, Pearlie manipulates some photographs and makes Willa believe that she is dating Alfred. Willa turns jealous and begins to act very strangely.

Let's Party, Guys! - Pealie's birthday is coming up and Jasper and Opal decide to help her throw a party. The two post an invitation on the internet and hundreds of fairies show up the next day.

Panic Room - Exasperated at constantly being the target of the fairies' practical jokes, Willa locks herself in a CCTV room where she can activate various traps she has set all over the house.

Washing Day - Willa has just washed her clothes, and is about to dry them, when the fairies come up and steal the clothes, starting a battle between them on the clotheslines.

The Magic Pen - A pencil with a magical drawing ability falls into Willa's yard, and the fairies plan to use it against Willa.

A Charming Girl - Willa has problems expressing her feelings for Alfred. To make matters worse, the fairies come along to ruin Willa's every attempt to impress Alfred.

Fly for Fun - When a helicopter lands on Willa's yard, Willa decides to take control of it for a while. Suddenly, Pearlie spots the helicopter and follows it, thinking it's a giant dragonfly and leaving the other fairies in confusion and harder for Willa to control it.

Alfred's Pimple - Alfred notices a pimple on his face and refuses to leave his home, so Willa decides to create a cure for it and decides to use some of the fairies' dust for it.

Run, Alfred, Run - Alfred is taking part of a marathon, and Willa comes with a bag with a bottle of water inside. However, the fairies, as usual, also come with her and are up to no good, stealing the bag, resulting in a big chase while the race is on.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't - Willa is fixing herself up a veggie drink. But when her back is turned, the fairies put some junk into the blender. When Willa drinks it, she soon becomes invisible – an unintended but intriguing side effect.

(Un)happy Camper - Alfred and Willa head off in their camping car for a beach vacation. But, of course, The fairies come along for the ride and decide to ruin Willa's vacation.

Artsy Willa - Willa is painting a portrait of a tree in her yard, when the fairies snatch it up and sabotage the painting, which a critic, contrary to what Willa would suspect, really enjoys.

Water Sports - Willa, Jane, and Alfred go to a water park for the day. The fairies wreak havoc, first by fiddling around with the wave-making machine and cranking it to max, and then changing the course of a waterslide.

Party Pooper - Willa decides to throw a private party just for Alfred so she can try to seduce him. However, everything goes out of her expectation when Jane and Laney join. Willa suspects that the fairies are behind this.

Skate Fever - Willa finds a skateboard in the street. After a disastrous start, she begins to get the hang of it and really enjoy it.

Terence - Willa is dating Alfred at his house. Meanwhile, the fairies meet a boy fairy named Terence, in which both Pearlie and Opal are in love with.

Lights Out - Willa, Jane, Laney, and Alfred are playing a game of cards, when suddenly Pearlie accidentally turns off the lights.

High Rise Nightmare - Laney replaces her house with a high rise hotel. The problem for Willa is that the hotel is so tall it blocks the sunlight from shining light into her and easily causes a mess in Willa's yard. So Willa calls for help from the fairies to destroy Laney's hotel so that she can relax in the sunlight.

Shoplifting - After discovering that Willa has gone shopping with Alfred, Terence plans to break in the shop along with the fairies.

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