This is a list of IRC Clients for Windows CE.

This list does not favor any one Windows CE platform or OS version. It attempts to list all known IRC clients for all CE platforms and versions of the OS. You will see that no distinction is made between Handheld PC (or custom embedded), Pocket PC and Smartphone clients. This is mainly because the various CE platforms have fewer differences than is commonly believed. For example, Handheld PC is able to run most of the Pocket PC IRC clients with 3rd party Pocket PC compatability DLLs and Pocket PC is backwards compatible with most Handheld PC applications.

  • Pocket IRC [1]
  • wmIRC [2]
  • zsIRC [3] (free)
  • [4] (free)
  • SmartSoft PocketChat [5] (free) (discontinued since January 2003)
  • ProChat [6]
  • IrcCE [7]
  • QuackenChat [8] (free)
  • Splatter IRC [9] (free)
  • MyPIRC [10] (free)
  • Bsquare BMobile Chat [11] (SH3/MIPS builds only. no longer sold)
  • ChatJamCE [12][13] (free, Japanese only)
  • IrCE [14] (Japanese only)
  • PalmIRC [15] Direct Download[16] (MIPS only but includes source so it can easily be recompiled for other processors)
  • mIRCy/IRCy [17],[18]
  • Glam IRC [19], [20]
  • SmartIRC (shareware) [21]
  • EbIRC [22](Japanese only)
  • IRCino (shareware, multi server and multi tab!) [23]
  • mIRCe (open source, source only in SVN)[24]

Based on Tfgbd 21:13, 6 March 2007 (UTC)'s original additions to List of IRC clients now deleted from Wikipedia.

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