List of YTV All-Stars Annual Episodes is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. These are the Annual Stories from YTV All-Stars that are narrated by Michael Brandon in the US and by Michael Angelis in the UK. All the episodes use the original music.

Rikochet To The Rescue



Jackie Cracks A Nut



Ash and The Important Visitor

Meilin Gets The Bird

Alex Davis, Bugsy and The Gale Warning

Mordecai and Rigby's Passing Problem

Raimundo and The Strawberry Special

Brad's Rest Cure

Rev To The Rescue

SpongeBob's Gong Trouble

Virgil and An Unhappy Landing

Scooby and The Christmas Tree

Alex Davis The Old Groaner

Knuckles Takes A Bath

Star's Shoe Trouble

Yugi, Lan and The Golden Oldies

Donkey Kong's Stowaway

You Never Know, Dr. Crygor

Shaggy and The Lost Tarpaulin

Alex Davis' Traffic Light Failure

Monterey Jack Says Timber!

Ash Gets Lost In The Snow

Omi's Visitors

Sonic and The Big Cart

Randy and Howard's Responsibilites

Ethan Turns Pot Hunter

On Your Guard, Timon and Pumbaa!

Alex Davis and The Jack-In-The-Box

Kaiba Gets Trapped By Trees

Kurt and The Trouble With Sheep

Rikochet's Mail Early For Christmas

Falkner and The Landslide

Josie's Quick Thinking

Kevin and The Cricketers

Shoes and Deliveries

Old Square Feet Mandi

Tooty and The Breakaways

Alex Davis and The Switches of No Return

Jaden and A Near Miss

Mona Gets Cats For Bath

Mel and The Sunday School Outing

Ickis In The Drink

Rusty Red Scrap Iron Alex Davis

Zak and The Swans

Galloping Sausage Brock

Alex Davis' Traffic Jam

McGee and The Hut That Walked By Itself

Yoshi and The Merry Go Round That Wouldn't

Penny and The Tickles

Better Safe Than Sorry With Rikochet and Scooby

Clay The Snow Monk

Alex Davis and The Easter Egg Special

Donkey Kong and The Picnic Express

Richie's Sparkler

Thank You, Kratt Brothers

Scooby's First Prize

Alex Davis Gets Cracking

Mel Rings A Bell!

All Pull Together

Brock and The Wrong Shirt

Rikochet's Pantomime Pranks

Ash's Ice Magic

Scooby In Print

Tooty Gets A Scare

Fox Saves The Day

Daggett's Revenge

Danger and Plucky's Pipe Dreams

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

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