List of YTV characters' outfits is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. These are the list of outfits used in Shining Time Station Home Videos.

Ash Ketchum

  • In normal days, Ash's main outfit consists of: a white and red hat, a black shirt under a blue unbuttoned shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers.

Yami Yugi

  • In normal days, Yugi's main outfit consists of: a blue long sleeved shirt, blue pants and black shoes.

Serena Tsukino

  • In normal days, Serena's main outfit consists of: a pink sleeveless shirt, a mint green skirt, tan pantyhose and red high heels.

Sabrina Spellman

  • In normal days, Sabrina's main outfit consists of: a white sleeveless shirt, pink skirt and pink and white shoes.


  • In normal days, Rikochet's main outfit consists of: a red sleeveless jumpsuit and white shoes.

Kevin Whitney

  • In normal days, Kevin Whitney's main outfit consists of: a blue and green striped shirt with short sleeves, blue jeans and black and gray sneakers.

Al Valentine

  • In normal days, Al's main outfit consists of: a brown shirt with yellow long sleeves, gray jeans and green shoes.

Daemona Prune

  • In normal days, Daemona's main outfit consists of: a green long sleeved coat, black pants and gray boots.

Virgil Hawkins

  • In normal days, Virgil's main outfit (his Season 3 outfit) consists of: a yellow shirt with orange short sleeves, red pants and blue and white sneakers.

James "Logan" Howlett

  • In normal days, James "Logan" Howlett's main outfit consists of: a gray short sleeved shirt, black pants and gray shoes.

Audrey Jones

Mitchie Ohara

Ace Bunny

Buster Bunny

Jackie Chan


Ally Williams

Annie Roberts

Ozzy Jones

Alex O'Connell


Penny Crygor

Kevin Keene

Presley Carnovan

Sam Simpson

Diana Lombard

Mel Blake

Meilin Rae

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