List of Character's Relatives

Rat's Relatives:

Rat's Mother

(Unnamed) Rat's mother is an unseen and unnamed character in the strip. She was in one strip known to date, where Rat called her up to tell her that he had a giant can of beer strapped to his back and was going to pop the tab and shoot into some other universe. Her only concern was that they would lose the five cent deposit. Rat's Mother is also a widow.

Rat's Father:(Deceased) Rat's father (also unnamed) was a rat who distrusted circus clowns his whole life. Rat's Father was murdered by a suposedly psychotic clown when the clown knocked him over the head with a spritzer bottle. His last words where "Never trust a circus clown."

Rat's Brother:(Deceased) Rat's Brother (unnamed) is a minor character who appeared in one strip where he, along with Rat's other relatives, was in heaven seeing what a deprived person Rat was. It was unclear if he was Rat's brother, however he looks like the same age as Rat and also looks just like Rat, except for the glasses and cane. It is unknown how he died, however he could have also been killed by a clown.

Rat's Grandmother:(Deceased) Rat's grandma (unnamed) was seen with Abraham Lincoln in a strip where Rat got hit by a truck and went to heaven. She likes to play poker in heaven and didn't seem to care that Rat was going to hell.

Rat's Grandfather:(Deceased) Was briefly seen in heaven in the strip where Rat's dead relatives found out what a deprived person Rat really was.

Pig's Relatives:

Pig's Father:(Unnamed) Pig's Father is a middle aged pig who only appeared in one strip He forbid Rat to marry Farina because Farina is a bubble girl and Rat isn't a bubble boy. Rat got a germaphobe clear plastic bubble too, and Pig's Father and Rat temporarly bonded by drinking beer, but it still wasn't enough to marry Farina.

Pig's Mother:(Unnamed) Pig's overbearing mother will often write mean letters to Pig to put him down. She was only seen once in the strip where Pig is in a tree. She once walked over to Pig's every day to tell him he is a big failure he was, and when Pig asked why she came over every day to tell him that, she said that she needed the excerise.

Farina: Pig's sister.

Uncle Jim: A widower.

Unnamed Aunt:(Deceased) Late wife of Uncle Jim.

Aunt Susie:(Deceased) When Aunt Susie was going to die, Pig did an "Etch-A-Sketch" of her that took him six hours. But when Rat held it after having to much coffee he shook it up and erased it by mistake.

Bob: Temporary brother-in-Law until Farina left him.

Ziggy: Farina left Rat for him and moved to Florida. It's unclear what happened to him.

Niece:(Unnamed) Farina and Bob's daughter.

Zebra's Relatives:

Uncle Gus (deceased) Cousin Burt Cousin Lou Cousin Larry Brother Pete (nicnamed "Stumpy)

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Goat's Relatives:

Goats "Ma":(Unnamed)Goat's overbearing mother was seen in the series where Goat visted home. She is constantly complaining to Goat that he should be the star of the strip and hates his stage name "Goat" and wishes they used his real name, 'Paris'. She also cooks large meals. Goat's father was never seen and it is possible that she is a widower.

Uncle Albert:(Deceased) Uncle Albert appeared in a sunday strip where Rat, Pig Zebra and Goat visted a psychic.

Uncle Ted: A non-anthropomorphic goat who lives with Ma has no people skills, much like Chuckie.

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