List of characters

  • 1. Jack Burton
  • 2. Chris (Christine/Caroline)
  • 3. Ross
  • 4. Sean Veasey
  • 5. Gary Mace
  • 6. Colman
  • 7. Kieran
  • 8. Ed
  • 9. Patrick
  • 10. Tom
  • 11. Ruth
  • 12. Sue Hatcher
  • 13. Sandra Johnson
  • 14. Racheal
  • 15. Laura
  • 16. Mo Costin
  • 17. Anna
  • 18. Kirsty
  • 19. Cassy
  • 20. Aimee
  • 21. Steph
  • 22. Jade
  • 23. Becca
  • 24. Reggie
  • 25. Chelsea
  • 26. Rebecca Peck


    1. Christine and Caroline are both listed as Chris, due to the fact that all three characters are actually the same character, albeit during his sex changes. It is assumed that during all times as a male, Chris is called Chris.

    2. Rebecca Peck was a guest star during the first series, but due to her popularity in the series, she later returned to the town to 'get her revenge on them' - with them being Chris, Ross, Laura and Rachel (the latter having left).

    Popularity Contests

    After each series, a popularity contest is held to decide which characters should be kicked out in the following series and which characters should either make a return, or should be given lots of episodes in a future series.

    1st Series Popularity Contest

    The 1st series contest included Rebecca Peck after complaints that she wasn't included. The results for top five were:

  • 1. Chris
  • 2. Ross
  • 3. Chelsea
  • 4. Rebecca Peck
  • 5. Rachel

    Chris was became popular during his appearance in the most popular episode in the entire history of the show - "Saving the Mansion". He was then featured as Christine for a brief period of time, which added to his popularity. He also showed to be a dumb blonde with the line "It was a long time ago - I'd say three years ago!"

    Ross became popular during the "Saving the Mansion" episode, and also due to the most serious (if only serious) episode in the series - "Heartbroken Without Her Love". While making fun of the song 'Heartbroken', the series featured Ross showing his love for Rachel, and the series ended with a passionate scene of Ross crying in Laura's arms.

    Chelsea became popular due mostly to her annoying appearance and inability to talk common English, save for a few words (her most popular word was "Sexy", which usually appeared in the middle or end of strings of letters). Chelsea became so popular, that despite her leaving in Episode 5, she remained mentioned until her final cameo appearance in Episode 16 - 11 episodes later.

    Rebecca Peck, despite only being a character for four episodes in the flesh, became popular and appeared until Episode 16 in cameos. She mainly gained popularity due to her not being viewed as a potential character by the writers. Because of the result of the contest, Peck became a full character during the second series, when she joins Chelsea after her escape from Area 51.

    Rachel, despite recieving little screentime (Laura is constantly choosen above her), she recieved incredibly popularity after Episode 13, where she makes a stand against Ross, leaving the Mansion to live next door with Tom instead. Her tearful leaving in Episode 25 (despite the humour) lead to the phrase "Bunny Killer" being labelled on Laura.

    The bottom, meanwhile, included many characters recieving zero votes:
    Kieran, Ed, Veasey, Becca, Reggie, Cassy, Kirsty, Aimee and Steph.

    The writers then announced that five of the characters listed above would leave the series during series 2. They also announced the returns of Rachel and Chelsea, and Rebecca Peck becoming a character fully.

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