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School Park Season 1 (2007)

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Passenger Student Bus exploded Spetsnaz Guard Yes
Tod Waggner Slips on water, strangled in bathtub by clothes line Yes
Horton Fat exploded by a raygun Vincent "Molotov" Warner Yes
Sandy Parker Tummy impaled by a stabbing knife Vincent "Molotov" Warner Yes
Jason Smith shot by a nailgun Ian Warner Yes
Molotov's Boyfriend Headshot by sniper Officer Peter Lewis Yes

School Park Season 4 (2010)

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
McKinley Speedway Victims Crushed, burned, mangled Death Yes
Cynthia Daniels Bisected by flaming flying car hood Death No Premonition
Nadia Monroy Head/upper body obliterated/arm torn off by flying tire Death Yes
Chloe Turner 15 times shot by a Machinegun Vincent "Molotov" Warner Yes
Kyle Warner Decapitated by boomerang Unknown spetsnaz soldier Yes
Andy Kewzer Fly away by CO2 tank, chest diced by chain-like fence Death Yes
Hunter "Hunt" Wynorski Intestines/organs sucked out by pool drain Death Yes
Crushed by falling overflown bathtub Death Yes
Max Shot by raygun Vincent "Molotov" Warner Yes
Lori Milligan, Janet Cunningham, Nick O'Bannon Triple hit by semi-truck Death Yes
Lori Milligan, Janet Cunningham, Nick O'Bannon Triple hit by semi-truck Death Yes
Captain Craig Migliaccio Head crushed by elbow Officer William "Billy" Lewis Yes

School Park Season 5 (2011)

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
North Bay Bridge Victims Mangled/drowned during bridge collapse Death Yes
Candice Hooper Spinal chord/various bones broken Death Yes
Isaac Palmer Fell over table/body impaled by acupuncture needles, head crushed by falling buddha statue Death Yes
Olivia Castle Eye/hand burned by laser, trips on eye/fell out of 6th floor window/lands on car/eye pops out Death Yes Eye was run over by car
Jeffrey "Jeff" Parker Hit by car Officer William "Billy" Lewis Yes
Victor Decapitated by axe Joseph "Joe" Browning Yes
Matt Warner Exploded by a rocket Spetsnaz Helicopter Yes
Johnny Fischer, Alex Fischer, Lenny Fischer Blown to pieces by exploding helicopter None Yes
Tom "Bullet" Lewis Shot by a handgun Vincent "Molotov" Warner Yes
Vincent "Molotov" Warner Kick/fell out of 11th floor window/head hanging by a rope Henry Parker Yes

School Park Season 6 (2015)

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Iron the Marine Slashed by a scythe The Grim Reaper Yes
Aaron Shot by machinegun Evan Warner Yes

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