• A acorn
  • Bloop & Loop (BabyFirstTV)
  • Orko
  • Blue Meanies (Yellow Submarine)
  • The Sun (Noah's Ark)
  • Kumi (Jaxen Ross)
  • Yoyo & Peanut (BabyFirstTV)
  • The Lollipop King (Suth Park)
  • Uncle Remus
  • B'rer Rabbit
  • Twinkie the Kid
  • Dick Tracy
  • Banjo (caroline0204)
  • Killer Bees (Skunk Fu!)
  • Timmy (South Park)
  • Osama Bin Laden
  • Count Chocoula
  • The little toaster (with Toast)
  • Puss in Boots
  • Atsro Boy
  • Gimzo (Gremlins)
  • Wild Thing (Where the Wild Things Are)
  • Zippy Star (Toyz)
  • Aaron
  • Jack

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