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List of other Thomas Videos and DVDs is a user's fanfic.

Thomas' Holiday Pigs and Other Thomas Adventures


  1. Thomas's Holiday Pigs
  2. Oliver and Duck's Sheep
  3. Snow Mountain
  4. Henry and The Queen of Horses
  5. Duck and Bulgy's Race
  6. Rusty's Stormy Tale


  1. The Red Balloon
  2. Go Go Thomas!


  • Narrated By Alec Baldwin.
  • First time Alec Baldwin re-narrates Season 3-4 instead of George Carlin.
  • Alec Baldwin is re-narrating Season 3-4 due to George Carlin's dream.

Front Cover

  • Top: Thomas and Gordon
  • Bottom: Henry, Oliver & Peter Sam in their Home from "Snow Mountain"

Back Cover

  • Thomas and Henry feel Happy from "Henry and The Queen of Horses"
  • Toby (grumpy), Rusty (delighted), Mavis (upset) from "Rusty's Stormy Tale"

Percy's Escape Adventure and Other Thomas Adventures


  1. Percy's Escape Adventure
  2. Detective Duncan
  3. James vs. Diesel
  4. Ruthless Rusty
  5. A Bad Day For Bulgy The Bus
  6. Salty and The School Trip


  1. Engine Roll Call
  2. Go Go Thomas!

Front Cover

  • Top: Percy
  • Bottom: Rusty in the mud up the hill from "Ruthless Rusty"

Back Cover

  • Duncan, Rusty and Rhenaes hiding in the shed from "Detective Duncan"
  • Salty in messy fish from "Salty and The School Trip"

Thomas & Friends: Mountain Railway Engines


Disk 1

  1. Mountain Engine
  2. Bad Look-Out
  3. Danger Points
  4. Devil's Back
  5. Dead Ahead
  6. Patrick's Mixed Traffic Iccidents
  7. Culdee's Perfect Day
  8. Believe In The Mountains
  9. Dead Ahead
  10. Wrong Track
  11. New Mountain Engines

Disk 2

  1. Have a James Day
  2. Luke's Truck Round
  3. More than a Friend
  4. That Special Shed
  5. More like Gordon
  6. The Day with no Jobs
  7. Good as Gold
  9. The Funfair

Disk 3

  1. Tittale Tattle Thomas
  2. Stuck on bridge
  3. Percy and the Moonlight
  4. Music Video Mess
  5. Christmas Story (30 Mins)


  1. The Mountain Railway
  2. Engine Roll Call
  3. Go Go Thomas!


  • Narrated by Pierce Brosnan.

Front Cover

  • Top: Culdee and Lord Harry
  • Bottom: Sir Handel, Freddie and Harmood from "Mountain Engine"

Back Cover

  • Godred falling down the mountain from "Bad-Look Out"
  • Culdee and Peter Sam from "Culdee's Prefect Day"

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