Doctor Who planets, stars, moons, black holes, dimensions, galaxies and other universal sutff (preferrably 2005 onwards). See also: List of aliens and races, List of robots and List of vehicles.

Name Location Episodes (new) Natives Type
Gallifrey unknown The Sound of Drums (flashback), mentioned on several occasions Time Lords Planet
Skaro unknown Daleks in Manhattan (mention) Daleks, Thals Planet
Raxacoricofallapatorius Mutter's Spiral World War Three, Boom Town, Love & Monsters (mention) Raxacoricofallapatorians Planet
Clom unknown Love & Monsters (mention) The Abzorbaloff Planet
Earth Sol System (Mutter's Spiral) Nearly every episode Humans, Cats, Trees, Silurians, Sea Devils, various Planet
New Earth M87 Galaxy New Earth, Gridlock Humans, New Humans, Cats, Macra Planet
Torajii unknown 42 Torajii (living star) Star
Rexel unknown The Shakespeare Code (mention) Carrionites Star system
Ood Sphere Horsehead Nebula Doctor Who: Creatures and Demons (book) Ood Planet
Jagrafessfold Breeding Grounds unknown Wikipedia: List of Doctor Who Villains Jagrafess Planet
Polymos unknown Rose (mention) Nestene Conciousness Planet
Silver Devastation Isop Galaxy The End of the World (mention) Boekind Planet
Krop Tor unknown The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit The Beast, Disciples of the Light Planet
Malcassairo Edge of the Universe Utopia, The Sound of Drums (briefly) Malmooth, Futurekind, Last Humans Planet
Sol (the Sun) Sol System (Mutter's Spiral) The End of the World none Star
Utopia unknown Utopia, Last of the Time Lords (mention) nothing Planet
Moon Sol System (Mutter's Spiral) Smith and Jones none Satellite
Parallel Earth Parallel universe Rise of the Cybermen, The Age of Steel, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday Cybus Cybermen Parallel planet
K37 Gem 5 unknown The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit none Black Hole
Void Between our universe and parallel universe Army of Ghosts, Doomsday (mentioned) Cybermen, Daleks (banished there) Another dimension
Deep Darkness unknown The Shakespeare Code (mention) Carrionites (not native, but sent there) Another dimension
Howling Halls unknown Love & Monsters (mention) Elemental shade Another dimension
Barcelona unknown The Parting of the Ways (mention) Dogs with no noses Planet
Bessan unknown School Reunion (mention) unknown; possibly winged beings Planet
Hermethica unknown The Idiot's Lantern (mention) The Wire Planet
Sol System Mutter's Spiral Nearly every episode See Earth Star system
Mutter's Spiral unknown nearly every episode See Sol System Galaxy

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