This is a list of the tallest buildings in Birmingham, England. They are separated into groups of usage.

Highrise development in Birmingham was most active during the post-war development phase of the 1960s in which many box-shaped towers were constructed out of concrete and this also included a large amount of tower blocks housing flats. These towers are now either being demolished or being renovated like The Rotunda on New Street. Highrise development slowed during the 1980s and early 1990s however is increasing once again with the recent completions of Holloway Circus Tower and the Orion Building and many proposed projects in development areas such as the Eastside. Many of these new highrises contain residential properties which are promoting city living.


Building Height Year built Floors Status
Alpha Tower 100 m 1969-1973 28 Complete
The Rotunda 81 m 1965 23 Undergoing reconstruction
National Westminster House 80 m 19?? 23 Complete
Five Ways Tower 76 m 1979 22 Complete
Centre City Tower 76 m 1972-1975 21 Complete
1 Snow Hill Plaza 72 m 19?? 20 Complete
Quayside Tower 70 m 1965 18 Complete
Colmore Gate 70 m 1990-1992 15 Complete
The McLaren Building 69 m 1972 21 Complete (Renovation being planned)
Metropolitan House 69 m 1972-74 19 Complete
Edgbaston House 69 m 1976 18 Complete
Post & Mail Building 67 m 1965 16 Demolished (new tower under construction)
Bank House 66 m 19?? 20 Complete
Fifty4 Hagley Road 64 m 1954 18 Complete
Hagley House 62 m 1965 17 Complete


Building Height Year Built Floors Status
BT Tower 152 m 1967 35 Completed


Building Height Year Built Floors Status
Beetham Tower 122 m 2006 39 Completed
Hyatt Regency Hotel 75 m 1990 24 Completed
Jury's Inn Birmingham 61 m 19?? 18 Completed


Building Height Year Built Floors
Clydesdale Tower 90 m 1971 32
Cleveland Tower 90 m 1970 32
Stephenson Tower 63 m 1967 20
Centenary Plaza 62 m 2004 21
Dalton Tower 61 m 19?? 21
Trident House 61 m 1981 19
Lawrence Tower 59 m 19?? 21

Clock Towers

Clock Tower
Building Height Year Built Floors Status
Chamberlain Clock Tower Old Joe 100 m 1908 Complete

Under construction

Under Construction
Building Height Year Started Floors Status
Orion Building 90 m 2004 30 Scaffolding being removed
Colmore Plaza  ??m 2005 14 Two concrete cores being constructed
and steel frame beginning at
ground level.


Building Height Floors Status
Arena Central Tower 175m 50 Awaiting redesign
Martineau Galleries 110m  ?? Awaiting approval from the Government
office of the West Midlands


Building Height Floors
Pinnacle Tower 175m  ??
Broad Street Tower 135m 40
Curzon Gateway Tower  ??m 25


Building Height Floors Reason for cancellation
Holloway Circus Tower 192.1 m 44 Too tall, unnecessary, other building approved
CALA Development 100 m 30 Same as above.

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