List of the Disney fil to be made by Smurf3126 (A.K.A Walt Disney Jr.)

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Here of the films to be made by Smurf3126 (A.K.A Walt Disney Jr.).


Cast in Thomas/Mickey Mouse:

  • Edward as Mickey Mouse
  • Percy as Donald Duck
  • Toby as Goofy Goof
  • Molly as Minnie Mouse
  • Bertie as Pluto
  • Diesel as Pete
  • Donald/Douglas as Old Pete

Cast in Sonic/Snow White:

  • Amy as Snow White
  • Sonic as Doc
  • Tails as Dopey
  • Knuckles as Grumpy
  • Rocket the Sloth as Sleepy
  • Rotor as Sneezy
  • Antione as Happy
  • Silver as Bashful
  • Uncle Chuck as The Prince
  • Omega as The Magiuc Mirror
  • Rouge the Bat as The Evil Queen
  • Breezie as The Evil Witch
  • Scratch and Grounder as The Vulters
  • Dr. Robotnik (SATAM/SU) as The Huntsman
  • Dr. Robotnik (AoStH)/Sonic X and Badlinks as The Forest
  • Animals as The Forest animals

Cast in The Simpsions/Thomas/Pinocchio:

  • Homer as Thomas as Jimminy Cricket
  • Lenny as Percy as Pinocchio
  • and more
  • Add more please!

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