Olive Hill people

  • Alana Brooke Conley
  • Allen's dad
  • Kayla & Perssi
  • Nanny Rosalie Conley
  • A police man & Police officers
  • Firefighters
  • Children from "Olive Hill Kindergarten, Upper Tygart Elementary, Olive Hill Elementary & West Carter Middle School"
  • Penson the Sexaul Giraffe

Non talking guys:

*Sammy the One Eyed Butthead
*Granny Walking Walker
*Mr. Luxedo
*No-at-all Joe
  • A male snowman & a female snowman
  • A skeleton
  • Mr. Chalkboard
  • The Spanish guy
  • A school bus
  • Sammy Spect
  • Allen's mom "Sharon Soni Conley" (mentioned)

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