Literal Pants (VG Style)

This part is the reference to Thriller by Micheal Jackson.



This is a spa downtown


Items are falling down

Spa spa spa spa spa

Spa spa spa spa spa

They are in a spa

They are in spa machines

Spa spa spa spa spa

Spa spa spa spa spa

They are in a spa

And now their hair is green

I'm in a mirror, and now in a bath

The main characters, they are making you laugh

And now we cut

To to to my amulet (To to to my amulet)


Buddy is frowning, and I have high heels

The clouds have faces, PaRappa's making a deal

For some new threads

Nod nod nod, I nod my head (Turn turn turn, he turns his head)


First I'm on the left

Then I'm on the right

I'm at the front, now here's a fright!


I've got my arms raised and I'm looking at you

And now my hands are on my thighs

(Chibi little girl!)

My arms are folded and we are back to back

And now I am pointing at you guys

A hilarious shot

This is only half my face

Where the heck's his mouth?

I am filming just in case

Black white black white black

White black white black white

It looks like a zebra

And now look at my dress

I bob my head while attempting to jive

This next part is a reference to level 5

And now he burns

Fire fire fire, he's highly flammable


Hello Erica. I'm right behind you.



I'm really happy, Buddy doesn't care

I shrug my shoulders, Shadow's in a wheelchair!

He's paralyzed

Fat fat fat, this guy is fat (Fat fat fat, this guy is fat)


I'm very fat!


I look quite cheeky

Now I look sneaky

But in a moment, I'll look quite freaky!


I am destroying all of Buddy's pride

And now I am winking while I smile

(Chibi little girl!)

Buddy's giving me a piggy-back ride

And now I am giggling like a child

He opens the door

Why aren't his trousers there?

Now he bites his lip

I should probably cut my hair

Words words words words words

Words words words words words

This is what I'm saying

Low animation budget

Point at the chalkboard

Teaching you to say this

Grab me from behind

Our fans all like this sequence

(Erica and Buddy)

Shake shake shake my bottom

Our singing skills, you know you want 'em!

Walk walk for no reason

Random shots will surely please 'em!

Crouching, looking cooler

This song has gone down the sewer

Guest appearance by Sly Cooper



Buddy looks like he's preparing to sneeze

This part encourages comedic fantasies

Upon my head there is a snazzy beret

Now I am going to throw the book away!

Now I'm glaring at you!



That was his underwear!!

I'm dancing similar to Micheal Jackson

In that video where he was a zombie!

(Leaning to the left!)

Buddy's doing it, but he's not good

I am cool, that's why my fans like me

Random background things

I've got a cheeky grin!

This animation sucks

Buddy's not impressed!

Following behind

You can see a Bob-omb!

That is a pyramid

He's really quite ticked off!

Flash flash flash flash flash

Flash flash flash flash flash

Flash flash animation

Leave it to Smash Brothers!

Erica belongs to me. All official characters and stuff belongs to their respective companies. The original song belongs to LittleKuriboh.

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