True Blue Engines

  • Description: All Aboard! Thomas is very proud to be painted blue and so are several of his friends. Watch as Thomas tries to calm down a crying baby and cheer on Edward as he comes to Gordon's rescue. Get your tickets and hop on board as we celebrate our true blue friends.
  • Episodes:
  • Thomas' Shortcut
  • Old Reliable Edward
  • No Help at All
  • Gordon Runs Dry
  • Thomas and the Emergency Cable
  • Thomas the Babysitter
  • Bonus Features:
  • Guess Who Puzzles - Thomas, Gordon, Timothy, Edward
  • Who's that Engine? - Timothy
  • Mr Perkins Storytime - Saved From Scrap
  • Song - Thomas' Anthem( new arrangement)

Going Green!

  • Description: Peep Peep! Percy loves the color green and so do some of the other engines. Join Percy as he runs into trouble with some sheep and watch what happens when Henry gets a new paint job. Join our friends on a fun filled adventure as they go green!
  • Episodes:
  • The Way She Does It
  • Henry in the Dark
  • The Thomas Way
  • Best Engine Ever
  • Percy's Lucky Day
  • Very Important Sheep
  • Bonus Features:
  • Guess Who Puzzles - Percy, Daisy, Henry, Emily
  • Whos that Engine? - Duck
  • Mr Perkins Storytime - Bullseyes
  • Song - Working Together Again

Splendid Reds

  • Description: James is very proud to be a splendid red engine and so are some of his friends. Watch as James' attitude gets the better of him and poor Winston is out of control without Sir Topham Hatt behind the wheel. Hop on board and join our splendid red friends,
  • Episodes:
  • The Smelly Kipper
  • Wayward Winston
  • Pouty James
  • Too Many Fire Engines
  • Duck in the Water
  • Salty All at Sea
  • Bonus Features:
  • Guess Who Puzzles - James, Winston, Rocky, Flynn
  • Whos that Engine? - Salty
  • Song - James the Really Splendid Engine ( new arrangement)
  • Mr Perkins Storytime - Dirty Objects

Yellow Fellows

  • Episodes:
  • Slow Stephen
  • Bill or Ben?
  • No Steam Without Coal
  • Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger
  • The Afternoon Tea Express
  • Duncan the Humbug
  • Bonus Features:
  • Guess Who Puzzles - Bill and Ben, Duncan, Stephen
  • Whos that Engine? - Duncan
  • Song - Every Cloud is Silver Lined( new arrangement)
  • Mr Perkins Storytime - Scrambled Eggs

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