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Little Bear's Adventures of The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars



  • Little Bear and His Friends are with The Brave Little Toaster and They Dance a Party Called "Bread and Butter" and Ratso Wants to Dance Too and Heard Thier Best Buddy Hearing Aid and They Telled Hearing Aid About the Little Master and Blankey Felt Sad and Wait for the Little Master and All Telled Thier Old Buddy Micorwave to Guess and Heard the Master's Car and Saw The Master and His Wife That They Had a Baby and Oswald Said "The Master and His Wife Had Gone a Long Time Ago" and Cub Kirby Can't Climb Up the Sink and Ruby Said "I'm Afarid You Can't Climb Up, Kirby" and The Master's Wife Knew That Lampy Sayed "I Know, She's Bringing Home a Sauasge!" And Max Said "Yummy, Sausage!" And If It's One Hungry Sausage, Ruby Tells Max and Said "That's Not a Sausage, Max" and Oswald Asked and Said "Do You Think, It's a Little Master, Guys?" And They Thought It's a Baby, And Owl Said "I Don't Think Babies, Come from Factories, Blankey" and The Master's Baby Had a Video Clip and Blankey Felt Jealous, and The Title Said 45 Fourty-Five Minutes and Kirby Was Telling to Little Bear and Toaster Cause the Baby's named Robbie Because He Was Crying that He Was Very, Very Hungry and Little Bear Said "You're Correct, Kirby"

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