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  • Little Bear's Adventures of Oliver and Company's Spoof on "TimmytheLittleBearFan42001"

Little Bear's Adventures of Oliver and Company


  • Little Bear
  • Cub
  • Oliver
  • Oswald
  • Little Bill
  • Henry
  • Daisy
  • Owl
  • Cat
  • Duck
  • Monkey
  • Chicken
  • Emily
  • Alice the Great
  • Madam Butterfly
  • Katrina
  • Mama Bear
  • Papa Bear
  • Bobby
  • April
  • Dad
  • Mom
  • Monty
  • Fusha
  • Kiku
  • Andrew
  • Pablo
  • Tyrone
  • Tasha
  • Uniqua
  • Austin
  • Max
  • Ruby
  • Dodger
  • Jenny
  • Maggie
  • Mrs. Colaway
  • Grease
  • Rusty
  • Buck
  • Lucky Jack
  • Tito
  • Rita
  • Junior
  • Barry & Bob
  • Einstein
  • Francis
  • Winston
  • Georgette
  • Old Louie

The Villians

  • Sykes
  • Roscoe and DeSoto
  • Slim
  • Weasly
  • Rico


  • In New York City, Little Bear, Oliver and Friends in the City and Maggie said "They're Giving Away Free Kittens!", and Uniqua said "You're Right Maggie We Had a Best Day" and the Rain Came Down and Owl said "Ah, Great It's Raining All Night, We Don't Have an Umbrella" and The Water Spilled into the Cardboard Box and Oliver and His Friends Didn't Swim Like a Fish and Tyrone Said "Come On Guys, Grab My Hand!" and Pablo said "We're Always Lost in the City" and The Car Speed by the Water and Splash on Them and Fusha Cried and Said "Hurry Guys, Before They Us!" And They Saw Hungry Dogs and Tasha Asked to Tyrone and Said "Do You Think It's a Good Idea?" and Tyrone Said "I Don't Know How They're Ready" and Oliver and His Friends Run and They Jump Over the Gates and They Hide and Under the Truck's Tire and Oswald Said "That Was Close" and Austin Said "Oliver, We Really Never Hide Any Places Forever" and Oliver Said "Yeah, We Should Do That" and The Sun Rises into the Sky They Woke Up with Oliver and They Hide Under the Hat and Shoe and Bobby Said "I Would Make a Promise, Little Bear" and Little Bear Said "You're Correct Little Bear" and Oliver Said "Hey Guys, Follow Me" and Oswald Said "I Wonder What These People Had a Coversation" and They and Oliver Saw a Man Dancing And They All Dance with Oliver and They Stopped Dancing and Uniqua Said "You Surely Had a Great Dance, Oliver" and They Saw a Men and Women Feeling Late with a Habitat and They Saw a Boy Petting Oliver and His Mother Grabbed and The Boy Sighes and Yawned and Oliver Said "Oh Boy, Come On Guys" and The Car Horn Beeped Louder and Oliver and His Friends Ran Out of the Street and They Slipped Down and Austin Said "Are You Okay, Oliver" and Little Bear Said "Guys, What Was That Singing?" And Uniqua Said "I Don't Know, Little Bear, But We Have to Look at That" and She Also Said "I Wonder What's That Men Doing?" And They Hide By the Trash Cans and Oliver Said "Guys Look at That" and Monkey Said "His Name's Louie and Selling Humans Some Sausages" and Owl Said "I Don't Know Monkey" and Oliver and His Friends Smelled By Louie's Habitat and They All Followed With Oliver and Little Bill Said "Here We Are At Old Louie's Habitat" and Oliver and Little Bear Smelled and Louie Whistled His Whistle and He Said "Hey!" and Oliver and Little Bear Gasped and Louie "Get Out of My Habitat You Little Babies!" and Oliver and His Friends Run For Thier Lives and Monkey Said "Uniqua, I Think Louie Scared Us" and Uniqua Said and "Yeah, We Had a Lot with Trouble Ideas" and Dodger Arrived and He Saw Louie Playing Fight with Oliver and His Friends at His Habitat and Louie Kicked Oliver and His Friends Break the Trash Can Down Into Pieces as a Banana Peel Landed on Oliver and Ruby Giggled and Said "Nice Hat, Oliver" and They Saw Dodger Finding Hotdogs, Drinks, Chips and Pretzels and Oliver and His Friends Telled Thier Friend Dodger To Get Away from Thier Path, and Cub Telled Dodger to "Shut Up!" and Emily Said "Dodger, This is Oliver!" and Oliver and His Friends Followed with Dodger.

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