Disc 1

  1. Exploring (Moral: You never know what I'll find when exploring)
  2. Little Bear's Shadow (Moral: Your shadow only appears when there's light)
  3. The Goblin Story (Moral: Always tell the truth when you've done something wrong)
  4. Bigger Little Bear (Moral: Be happy with your height)
  5. Cat's Shortcut (Moral: Short cuts aren't always the best)
  6. Little Bear and the Cupcakes (Moral: Always tell the truth when you've made a mistake)
  7. Play Ball (Moral: Don't fight with your friends)
  8. Lucy Needs a Friend (Moral: It's usually good to find a friend)
  9. The Campfire Tale (Moral: You can't own or take the moon)
  10. Little Bear's Sweet Tooth (Moral: Don't eat too much sweets)

Disc 2

  1. Under the Covers (Moral: Bed bugs don't really exist)
  2. Caterpillars (Moral: Caterpillars turn into butterflies)
  3. I'll Be You, You'll Be Me (Moral: It's better to be yourself)
  4. The April Fool (Moral: Playing jokes isn't always good)
  5. Baby Deer (Moral: Deer and other animals have their own home)
  6. Mother's Day (Moral: Always care for your mother)
  7. Pied Piper Little Bear (Moral: There's more than one way to solve a problem)
  8. Little Bear's Favourite Tree (Moral: Care about nature)
  9. Little Little Bear (Moral: Don't mimic others)
  10. Where Are Little Bear's Crayons? (Moral: Keep your belongings more organized)


  • The episodes for this release were chosen in a poll where fans of Little Bear could vote for the episodes they thought were suitable for the release.
  • There are four episodes from each of the five seasons on this release.