Little Bill/A Bug's Life is a parody with Little Bill clips and A Bug's Life Sounds


  • Little Bill: Flik
  • April: Princess Atta
  • Officer Jenny From (Pokemon): The Queen
  • Numbuh 2 From (Codename: KND): Thorny
  • Po From (Kung Fu Panda): Cornelius
  • Dorado: Mr. Soil
  • Kiku: Dr. Flora
  • Rumpelstisken From (Shrek Forever Ever): Hopper
  • Isabel: Dot
  • Mr. Rojas: Francis
  • Andrew: Heimlich
  • Shenzi From (The Lion King): Rosie
  • Merlin From (The Sword in the Stone): Slim
  • Garfield From (Garfield & Friends): Dim
  • Michael: Tuck
  • Monty: Roll
  • Bobby: Manny
  • Nazz From (Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy): Gypsy
  • Doc From (Snow White): PT
  • Numbuh 4 From (Codename: KND): Molt
  • Red Claw From (The Land Before Time): Thumper

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