A parody of Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks starring characters from the PBS Clifford the Big Red Dog franchise, including some made-up characters, created by CliffordFan2008 (Sydney Skidis).


The movie opens with Carol, a friend of Marker Seville, putting up a banner saying "Welcome Doggies" on the porch of her magic cottage. One of her friends, Nellie (a talking chicken) believes that having children around is a bad idea. Wilbur (a talking lizard with a surfer dude accent who believes he is one kiss away from being Prince Charming) says that his mom used to say "nothing warms up a home like children's laughter".

Mark arrives with Clifford, Driscoll, Macold, Cleo, T-Bone, and Mi-A. Mark has to go out of town, and Carol is happy to have six preschoolers stay with her and her friends. Min and Don, two squirrels, report to the viewers at home about the feelings the characters are experiencing. Clifford doesn't like that Mark is gone, and Carol explains that she felt the side way when she was little. They play the role of Peter Pan and Captain Hook for a while.

Later, Carol tells Nellie, Clifford and Driscoll a story about a sea serpent attacking a ship, when Macold comes in all wet. Macold explains that the toilet exploded, and it was caused by T-Bone. Carol sees that the toilet is filled with a hair brush, tooth picks, a toy horse, shoes, squeaky toys, etc. Nellie tells Wilbur that he was supposed to be watching T-Bone. T-Bone lies and said it was Nellie (Sometimes I Lie). Carol explains that she was mad about the toilet exploding, but remembers that we all make mistakes sometimes, and tells T-Bone of a time she made a mistake. After hearing this, T-Bone tells the truth, and Carol congratulates him.

As Carol is readying Mi-A for naptime, Driscoll comes in saying that Cleo stole and ate her lipstick. As Wilbur sings "Rock-A-Bye Doggie" to Mi-A, Clifford and Macold try to steal a napping T-Bone's teddy bear with a fishing line, but Carol stops them. Clifford explains that he and Macold didn't have any toys to play with, until Carol opens a shelf full of stuffed animals. Carol explains to Cleo that eating lipstick could be a problem - for one, it wasn't hers; and two, lipstick isn't good for your body. Cleo decides to buy Driscoll another lipstick, but doesn't have any money. Carol suggests that Cleo work for her, and she could earn enough money to do so, and Cleo agrees. Clifford comes in dressed as "Super Clifford", hiding from Macold who is dressed as a magician. Macold demands his cape back. They get into a fight, until Carol intervenes, and suggests that they figure out a way to take turns with the cape.

Suddenly, Cleo comes in, dressed in yellow boots, an apron, gloves, a smog mask, ear covers and a feather duster (surprising Clifford and Macold), saying that she was ready for work; cleaning everyone's shoes, makes Carol's bed, dusts off the furniture, scrubs the kitchen floor (with sponges tied to her boots), helps Carol with the groceries, and helps Carol with baking muffins (Cleo confuses flour with a flower) (I'm So Sorry). Cleo eventually makes enough money to buy Driscoll a new lipstick.

Meanwhile, Macold turns on a fan to help "Super Clifford" fly in the air, but he ultimately falls. Afterwards, Clifford and Macold try to use his magic to bring Macold's dead plant back to live and it works. (But this was only Min and Don's doing.) That night at dinner, they get a call from Mark. The children explain what they did that day, and soon after a story (The Blue Bird), everyone falls asleep in Carol's bed.

The next day, Clifford and Macold take some tin foil, with Macold saying that it will change the face of science forever. As T-Bone follows his brothers, Driscoll comes in saying that Cleo stole her oven. Cleo claims she "borrowed" it. She explains that every time she asks, Driscoll always says no. As Cleo leaves to clean up the mess, a coin falls from Driscoll's pocket. She explains that Charley from school gave it to her, but Nellie comes in and says Charley's mom called, saying that Charley lost his coin. Then Carol explains to Driscoll that we sometimes take things that aren't ours because we really, really want them. And also that it is okay to be sad, but it is not okay to take things that aren't ours. Driscoll realizes that Charley is feeling bad, and has to give back his coin.

Meanwhile, as Carol and Driscoll go to Charley's to return his coin, Clifford and Macold have used the tin foil to build a spaceship, pretending to be aliens. T-Bone wants in on the fun, but his brothers say no, hurting T-Bone's feelings (Why Can't We Play?). Feeling sad and angry at the side time, T-Bone feels the need to hit Clifford. Carol explains that hitting someone isn't nice and that doing so can hurt somebody's feelings. She shows T-Bone something that he can hit; a bear-shaped balloon. Suddenly, Clifford comes and invites T-Bone to play.

As they prepare for a tea party, Driscoll explains that she feels much better about everything. Then Cleo comes in after cleaning Driscoll's oven, after which Driscoll invites Cleo to their tea time. Meanwhile, Nellie tries to teach Mi-A (the infant) how to be a "proper lady". As Carol, Driscoll and Cleo enjoy their tea party, Macold dressed in tin foil surprises everyone, chasing off Driscoll and Cleo. Then Clifford with T-Bone and Wilbur on his shoulders, dressed in tin foil as well surprise Carol, who takes Mi-A with her as she runs away from the "monster". Min and Don also surprise Nellie by dressing up in tin foil.

That night, Carol prepares Clifford for bed in the big bed, after having some fun with him. Next day, Clifford, Driscoll, Cleo and Macold wake Carol up to tell her that she's in their band. But Carol has to decline and take care of Mi-A (Baby Baby Baby). After many attempts, Carol decides to call the doctor. The reason for her crying is that she had to burp and now needs her diaper changed. Seeing how much time Carol is spending with Mi-A, Clifford becomes jealous (Dumped for Someone New).

Carol talks to Clifford, and shows that even though she had to help the baby, she still had plenty of love to go around, even for him. They decide to have a special time together whenever Mi-A has her nap, and Clifford can help with Mi-A. Suddenly, Mark arrives, having finished his song, and the Doggies and the Doggets offer to help practice (Friends).


  • Clifford as Alvin
  • Mac as Simon
  • T-Bone as Theodore
  • Driscoll as Brittany
  • Cleo as Jeanette
  • Mi-A as Eleanor
  • Mark Howard as Dave Seville
  • Charley as Tyler
  • Stephanie as Tyler's Mom
  • Caroline Howard as Lalu
  • Nellie as Gilda
  • Wilbur as PC
  • Min as Sam
  • Don as Lou


  1. Ga Ga Goo [Mini-Dogs Theme Song] (Norman Bridwell)
  2. Sometimes I Lie (T-Bone)
  3. I'm So Sorry (The Doggets)
  4. Why Can't We Play? (T-Bone) (Rick Wright)
  5. Baby Baby Baby (The Doggets)
  6. Dumped for Someone New (Clifford (Macold, T-Bone, Driscoll, and Cleo sing chorus)) (Jai Winding)
  7. Friends (The Doggies and The Doggets)
  8. Candlelight Lullaby [Instrumental] (Randy Miller)


Coming Soon

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