I Narrates The Story Of Little Disney Princesses Celebrate Christmas With Their Reindeers Friends,Robert,Fifi,Lola,Anna,Julie,Princess,Becky & Rain Execpt Ariel.Soon Later On,Ariel Meet A Brown Skin Boy Named Rudolph With Red Hair & Brown Antlers On His Head & Fell In Love With Him.Suddenly Ariel & Rudolph's Balloon Crashed Between The Two Snow Trees;There is No Escape.Later On,Ariel & Rudolph were Captured By The Snow Guards in The Snow.The 2 Kids Gasping as The Snow Guards Took The 2 Kids Away.Later That Night,The One Of The Guards Lock Ariel In The Cage,The Little Disney Princesses Rushed Away On Their Reindeers & Rescue Ariel & Rudolph from The Guards.After The Guards Lose Their Balance and They Fall Down to The Snow Mountain & Rudolph is Dead!Ariel Start To Cry,Then Suddenly A Light Appear And Human Child Turn Into A Reindeer With Red Nose & Antlers Onto His Head.He is In Love With Ariel & Ariel Kiss Rudolph & Forevor Again.The Next Morning Christmas Came & The Disney Little Princesses Woke Up & Saw A Christmas Tree with Presents In the Tree.


  1. Ariel is Rudolph's Love Interest.As Her SleepWear:She Wears Long Sleeves NightGown with Red on the End Of Her Dress,Red Slippers & Red Bow On Her Long Red Hair.As Her Winter Outfit:Ariel Wears Spring Green Jacket,Red Flats,Pink Earmuffs & Gold Necklace Around Her Neck.
  2. Snow White Is Robert's Love Interest.As Her SleepWear:Blue NightGown With Yellow Puffy Sleeves And White Slippers.As Her Winter Outfit:Snow White Wears Blue Jacket,Yellow Flats,Blue Hat & White Cape.
  3. Aurora Is Fifi's Best Friend.As Her SleepWear:She Wears Pink NightGown With Starpless Sleeves,Blue Slippers & Pink Flower On Her Blonde Hair.As Her Winter Outfit:Aurora Wears Pink Jacket,Blue Flats,Pink Ponytail In Her Hair Covered Her Blue Hat,Pink Mittens And White Socks
  4. Cinderella Is Becky's Best Friend.As Her SleepWear:She Wears Puffy Sleeves Light Blue NightGown,Blue Ballet Slippers,White Slippers Socks,And
  5. Belle
  6. Jasmine
  7. Pocahontas
  8. Tiana
  9. Rapunzel
  10. Robert
  11. Fifi
  12. Lola
  13. Anna
  14. Julie
  15. Princess
  16. Rain
  17. Rudolph

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