Little Egypt was the stage name for two popular exotic dancers, Ashea Wabe who danced at the Seeley banquet at the 1893 World's Fair and Farida Mazar Spyropoulos, also performing under the stage name Fatima, appeared at the "Street in Cairo" exhibition on the Midway at the World's Columbian Exposition, held in Chicago in 1893.

Ashea Wabe After the fair, Ashea Wabe became front-page news item in 1896 after she danced at a New York Fifth Avenue swank bachelor party for Herbert Seeley. A rival dancer falsely reported that Wabe was going to dance nude and the party was raided by the vice squad.

-Information from Wikipedia

Wu has suggested that we need to watch this character closely seeing that there is more than one agent under the name Little Egypt.

There has been speculation connecting Elizabeth Stonecypher to the Little Egypt agent that we want to contact. What is Egypt but a giant cyper in stone?--Chris Titan 08:06, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

There’s a coffin and 3,000 comrades,

We were all clasping our flags,

And we swore that night,

That it won’t end this way Povero Pinelli (Poor Pinelli),

Anonymous and innocent,

You loved anarchy.

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