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DVD Trailer Script

  • Narrator: For the First Time on Disney DVD
  • (Episode: Annie and The Little Toy Plane) All of Team: Blast Off!.
  • Narrator: Join Leo.
  • (Episode: Little Red Rockethood) Leo: Get You Baton Ready.
  • Narrator: June.
  • (Episode: Dragon Kite) June: La, La, La, La, La.
  • Narrator: Quincy.
  • (Episode: Carmine's Big Race) Quincy: I Know How You Can Get Pass For Little Cows.
  • Narrator: and Annie.
  • (Episode: Carmine's Big Race) Annie: (Singing): You Can Do It, Carmine, You Can Win the Race, Because You Are an Amazing Music Car!.
  • Narrator: Our Big, I Mean, Our Huge Adenture.
  • (Episode: A Brand New Outfit) Leo: Hi Rocket, Leo: I Don't Rocket Can Hear You
  • Leo, June, Quincy and Annie: Hi Rocket!.
  • Narrator: Team Up For Adenture.
  • (Episode: Rocket Safari) Quincy: Leo, I Thought you said we were looking for big animals.
  • Narrator: Mission Celebration.
  • (Episode: Go West, Young Train) Quincy: The Gates are Blocking Little Red Train!.
  • (Episode: Go West, Young Train) Annie: We Have to Wait For the Gates to Opening Again!.
  • Narrator: The Legend of the Golden Pyramid
  • (Episode: The Legend of The Golden Pyramid) Annie: We're Coming Golden Pyramid!.
  • Narrator: Rocket's Firebird Rescue.
  • (Episode: Rocket's Firebird Rescue) Quincy; Firebird is Amazing!.
  • Narrator: The Christmas Wish.
  • (Episode: The Wind Up-Toy Prince) June: All The Toys We're Happy When the Toy Prince Dance, They Loved Him Very Much.
  • Narrator: Race for Space.
  • (Episode: The Treasure Behind the Little Red Door) Leo: We Did It!, We're Flying Super Fast!
  • Narrator: Flight of the Instrument Fairies.
  • (Episode: Little Red Rockethood) Annie: My Grandma Rocket, What a Big Nose You Have?
  • (Episode: Little Red Rockethood) Quincy: My Grandmna Rocket, What Big Wings You Have?
  • (Episode: Little Red Rockethood) June: My Grandman Rocket, What Big Jets You Have?
  • (Episode: Little Red Rockethood) June: (Gasps) Look Out Rocket!
  • Narrator: Fire Truck Rocket's Blastoff
  • (Episode: Melody The Music Pet) Annie: (Singing) Melody, the musc pet, the greatest pet that you can get, we'll help her find her ticket for the train!.
  • Narrator: And Animal Expedtion.
  • (Episode: Whale Tale) Quincy: We Have to Go Faster!, All of Team: It's a Squid!.
  • Narrator: And Go Super Fast, We'll Never Be The Same.
  • (Episode: Dragon Kite) Annie: Hold on Tight, Cause Here We Go!, All of Team: Whooooooooaaaa!
  • Narrator: Disney Presents Little Einsteins, Collect Them All 10, Now on Disney DVD.
  • (Episode: Duck, Duck, June) Leo: See You on the Next Mission!

This DVD is Taken from Disney Junior: Live on Stage!

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