Little Fighter 2 (Chinese: 小朋友齊打交2 is a fighting game) for Windows which is popular in all over the world. The game features multiplayer play over the internet or offline, and also supports versus mode, (5) stage modes, 1 vs 1 & 2 vs 2 championship modes, battle mode and a demo mode. The gamer supports up to 4 human players offline and up to 8 human players online. The gameplay itself is based on the earlier Little Fighter 1 game, which had many of it's characteristics. Many of the original characters return along with a multitude of new ones.

The game stopped it's development of September 17, 2002 with the release of it's last version 1.9. However the game still retains it's popularity as nearly all aspects of the game are modifiable such as it's characters, character's skills, stages, backgrounds, interface, and more. As having being downloaded over 5 million times on CNET Downloads.[1] Today, there a many lf2 data changers all over the world in different LF2 communities that modify LF2's data and release new versions of LF2. They have already release over hundreds of modifications.[2] Due to this LF2 even after many years later remains a popular game around the world.


Marti Wong created Little Fighter in 1995. He later met Starsky Wong and the two became friends. The two are not relatives, despite having the same last name. In 1999 they started to work on Little Fighter 2. It has been announced that Marti and Starsky would not continue to update the game, and the final version was released in 2002. Although it has been clearly stated that they will not continue working on LF2, they have thought about making a new game together.


Little Fighter 2 is free and can be downloaded off the LF2 Official Website.


The game consist of 3 types of characters which are Hero Characters, Stage Characters and Boss Characters. The hero characters can be played by from the start of the game by the human characters. And will start appearing after Stage 2. The stage characters will appear on the stages obviously and cannot be selected for playing. The stage characters are not as strong as the hero characters. The boss characters appear toward the end of each stage. The boss characters are the strongest players of the game and also cannot be selected from the character menu. However stage and boss characters can be activated through a special cheat that is revealed after the player finishes playing the final stage.


Skills are the game's "special moves", and are a very important element of LF2 gameplay. Each character has different skills, some of which are very powerful. Skills fall into two classes: Short distance attack and Long Distance attacks Short distance attack-type skills do more damage than Long Distance Attacks but blast attacks can be used at long range. And the player could risk less chances of getting hit by the enemy.


In the game, items drop randomly from the sky. And can be picked up to support the players in the game.

Modes of Play

There are 6 modes in Little Fighter 2. These include VS Mode, Stage Mode, 1 vs 1 Championship, 2 vs 2 Championship, Battle Mode, and Demo Mode. Each of these modes can be played/viewed when players decide to do a network connection between their computers and play online with each other. Futhermore a difficulty can be set for each mode.

  • In VS Mode, humans and computer players can fight each other either of teams of individually.
  • In Stage Mode, players can fight their way through 5 stages. Each stage includes specific boss character in which the difficulty is harder than the other characters in that stage. As the player progresses through each stage, the difficulty increases. On the the journey through the stages, the player can save criminals that become teammates for the player.
  • In Championships Mode, the player can set up a bracket chart to determine who fights who either with another player or computer. Then the players can battle it up and determine who is the winner.
  • In Battle Mode, the player can set up a team that consist of a mass amount of other computer players and battle it out between another team. The two sides will command their team to the victory.
  • In Demo Mode, there are random computers, maps and teams. The player can only view and not play the game.

Game Modification

During the start the game, only sprites (images) of the game could be edited. And the only way of changing any data was renaming the files. However after the release of Jiquera's LF2 Data Changer, this all changed, all data in the data folder was now modifiable. This included the characters, skills, stages, and even backgrounds. This open the possibility of adding new things into Little Fighter 2 and is one of the main reasons why LF2 is still a popular game after the release of it's final version in 2002.

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