Little Heroes

Little Heroes

20th Universal Goodtimes Century Paramount Productions Movies-spoof of 1994 Warner Bros Family Entertainment film "Little Giants"


  • Rick Moranis as Danny O'Shea
  • Homer Simpson as Kevin O'Shea
  • Brittany Seville as Becky "Icebox" O'Shea
  • Carol Brady as Patty Floyd
  • Alvin Seville as Junior Floyd
  • Professor Ratigan as Mike Hammersmith
  • Pete as Spike Hammersmith
  • Frank Carl Fisher Jr. as Patterson
  • Molly (1999) as Karen O'Shea
  • Smurfette as Debbie O'Shea
  • Michelle Tanner as Priscilla O'Shea
  • Alf as Jake Berman
  • Papa Smurf as Nubie
  • Joey Simmirin as Sean Murphy
  • Alfalfa as Johnny "Viper" Vennaro
  • Mickey Mouse as Rashid "Hot Hands" Hanon
  • Boots The Monkey as Marcus "The Toe"

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