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Little Lulu/Thomas is Parody


  • Jordan Rooke as Thomas
  • Bulk as Edward
  • Mr. Topkins as Henry
  • Tim/Topsy as Gordon
  • Courtney Brown as James
  • Thomas Rooke as Percy
  • Little Lulu as Toby
  • SKELETON as Duck
  • RMaRT/KAPaQGP as DaD
  • Diesel 10 Rookes as Oliver
  • Emily Rooke as Emily
  • Ten Cents the Car as Bertie
  • Sonic Rooke as Trevor
  • Tubby as Mavis
  • DONUTS as Cranky
  • Donald Rooke as Terence
  • Diesel Rooke as Murdoch
  • D261 Rooke as D261
  • Grampus Rooke as Fergus
  • Underwear as Spencer
  • Charlie Brown as Victor
  • Puffa Rooke as Kevin
  • James Rooke as Hank
  • BULHU as Bulstrode
  • Percy Rooke as Diesel 10
  • 99999999999/88888888 as BaB
  • ASUDHSU9FHQ3794Y237R5W4E89RTFHASKLDRJHID as Troublesome Trucks
  • W. Boy 1 as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Socks as Bulgy
  • NO as Sir Handel

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