Little Lulu (TamaeFTT Style)

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TamaeFTT's movies-spoof of "Little Lulu"


  • Little Lulu - T,JyE Rooke (T,JyE Rooke)
  • Tubby Topkins, Wilbur Van Snobble and Gloria Darling - Aaron Rookes (T,JyE Rooke)
  • Annie and Iggy Inch - Jordan Rooke (T,JyE Rooke)
  • Himself - Alvin (Little Lulu)

Previded By

* T,JyE Rooke - (C) Captainleo, The V, Tomarmstrong14, CoolZDane, TheBeckster1000 and TheCityMaker

* Audio - (C) Captainleo, DarthjValor07, Tomarmstrong14, LionheartCaptain and The V

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