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Little Miss Magic was one of the Little Misses from Mr Men and Little Miss and in The Mr Men Show. She will be a main character in Mr Happy and Miss Magic's Magical Adventures

Mr Men and Little Miss: She wears a green stripped bow and red sneakers and has freckles on her face.

The Mr Men Show: She kept her goldish, round body, yellow nose and brown hair, but wears a black top hat and fuchsia clip shoes.


Mr Men and Little Miss: She loves performing magic tricks for her friends. Her spells never go wrong.

The Mr Men Show: Unlike in Mr Men and Little Miss, her magic is somewhat defective, she always messes up her spells.

Mr Happy and Miss Magic's Magical Adventures: Besides doing magic tricks, she is also an inventor. Her inventions include:

Time travelling watch


Teleporting machine (including a transporter that looks similar to Star Trek's)

Brain Machine


Mr. Happy: He is her best friend and goes everywhere with him. This was especially seen in Mr Happy and Miss Magic's Magical Adventures.

Mr. Fussy: Even though he's persnickety at times, she is also friends with him. For the rest of the series, it was revealed that she and Mr. Fussy had two sons, Jerry, an ambitious and headstrong multi talented entertainer who rejects his mom's wish to be a magician and Freddie, a hopeless optimist who looks on the bright side of things. He often encourages his brother to believe in himself and often helps him out when he have problems. They both first appeared in A Wonderful Family Surprise as newborns. Jerry looks almost like Miss Magic, but has Mr. Fussy's hair and wears red and white sneakers and Freddie looks exactly like Mr. Fussy, except that he has no moustache and doesn't wear a bow tie. Both Jerry and Freddie love their parents very much. They knew that Miss Magic and Mr. Fussy are understanding parents. Jerry was voiced by Mitchel Musso and Freddie was voiced by David L Lander. It was a mix of American sons and parents from the UK. Jerry's age is 15

Mr. Grumpy: Even though he's complex, gruff and bitter he still likes it when she's around

Mr. Messy: He is a streetwise but messy Mr Men who often hangs out with her.

Mr. Rude: He may be obnoxious, but he could have a heart of gold with her at times.

Mr. Scatterbrain: A fun loving but dim witted Mr Man, he always makes her laugh everytime.

Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy: As cousins, they look out for each other and follows whenever she goes sometimes.

Mr. Tickle: This tricky, cunning and cheeky Mr Man will stop at nothing to tickle her and his friends. Despite this, she cares about him

Miss Chatterbox: She can be chatty at times, but she doesn't mind if she talks.

Miss Daredevil: This extreme, thrill seeking Little Miss shows a positive attitude toward her

Little Miss Scary: She might seem scary, but she has a heart of gold. She loves it when she teleports.

She has a pet Scottish terrier named Nutmeg in Mr Happy and Miss Magic's Magical Adventures. He was a smart, brilliant and clever talking dog and often comes up with acceptable ideas in the show by using his noodles. Sometimes, like Mr. Fussy and Mr. Grumpy, he can be persnickety and moody. Also, he likes liverwurst sandwiches, scones and crumpets.

Little Miss Magic also appears in Whopper and Company, a Pound Puppies and Mr Men crossover.

She has a band of magical canine stars, which consists of:

Cooler: The beagle/bloodhound mix leader of the troupe and her favorite dog and star. He usually helps her while she was performing her first trick by trying to make him emerge from her hat like a rabbit. In the sequel of the first film and book, he is known as Cooler, the High Flying Beagle by Miss Magic because of his passion for acrobatics. He wears a huge "C" bling on his neck.

Beamer: A strict and fussy Scottish terrier who enjoys theatre and arts, especially acting. He can loose his temper along with his fussiness at times, but he still has a soft heart. He usually helps her while she was performing her stick in the hole trick. In the sequel of the first film and book, he does a Trapeze act.

Howler: Known as Howler: Pug of Steel by Miss Magic in the sequel of the first film and book because of his passion for being a strong dog, he was a strappingly strong mini mutt and a live wire pug with an African American accent, almost sounding like Mr. Messy because he also says "Shazam!" at times. He usually helps her while she was performing her ring trick. When he was upset, depressed or dissapointed, he says "Aw, man!"

Nose Marie: An innocent (aging) ingenue, boxer/bloodhound mix type who is known as Nose Marie: The Daring Dog, Starring in High Wire Boxer by Miss Magic because of her passion for walking the tightrope in the sequel of the first film and book. She usually helps her while she was performing her telepathy act with Reflex. She speaks with a decidedly Southern accent.

Reflex: A daredevil and thrill seeking Schnoodle with a totally laid back and naive attitude. He usually helps her while she was performing her telepathy act with Nose Marie. In the sequel of the first film and book, he is known as Reflex, the Extreme Schnoodle by Miss Magic because of his passion for daredevil stunts like Miss Daredevil. He even wears a similar helmet and a similar pair of rocket boots, as well as a familiar jet pack.

Her dogs always looks up to her and were very happy to see her after she appears in front of them in a puff of smoke. She loves and cares for them so much.

She is voiced by Prudence Alcott.

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