This is a Friturtoons episode.


Miss Scary, Microsoft Sam, and Misty go to a Video Tape shop in the downtown area. When Miss Scary sees the 2012 VHS of V/H/S from, she wants it, but Misty says no because it costs $543.43. So Miss Scary begins to bawl a really loudest tantrum, and Sam and Misty take her back to the HQ of "Anime is Satan" Must Be Destroyed and she bawls so loudest. Two months later, Ash Ketchum sends the three to the Candy Shop at the beach where the ghost of Harrybo's Grandad works. When Miss Scary sees a bag of Tutsi Chupa Pops imported from Mexico, she wants it, but Sam says no because it's $12.69, and Miss Scary bawls another loudest tantrum, but Misty says fine, and they buy the two items and go home.

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