Little Rig Blues is an 26th Episode From Season 4


Rig Becames Mental When Hes got Apple in His Tire So The Cars From Pharohs Quest Will Cheer Him Up


Pat 1 Leopold Squeak Lorretta and Ed Does not Appear In this Episode

This Episode Is Based On Little Ed Blue From Ed Edd N Eddy

This is the First Episode To Mix Up Roger Hargreaves Danny Antonucci Steady Eddie and Firehouse Tales Footage

Rig Says Rarrrrrrrrrrgh! in UK But in the US He Says That does it!

Rig Did Not Yell in Korean Version But Only Shouts


  • Rig: Touch Me a Again and I Will Squash You
  • Rig: [Shouting at top of his Lungs]" BIG TROUBLE!" [ Continues to Yell: Wobble D Flown Away, While Car 1s Window Breaks By the Force of Rigs Yell: Rig Stops Yelling and Starts Destroying the Playground]
  • Car 3: Yee Haw!
  • Car 1: Wobble D Wake Up
  • Wobble D: A Apple Rigs Bad Mood was all Because He Had a Apple in a Tire!
  • Car 1: Nice Toy!

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