• Narrator: One day, Littlefoot was still stuck in the jail. He ripped the tape off his mouth, and unlocked the bag with the key, and opened the jail door.
  • Littlefoot: Well, I can't go the shopping. I didn't get any 1991 VHS of The Rescuers Down Under and Platinum Blonde soundtrack. Never... never... (go to sleep, knocking on door)
  • Cera: Littlefoot, are you sleeping?
  • Littlefoot: I'm fine.
  • Cera: C'mon, we going to the great valley!
  • Littlefoot: We're coming!
  • (Meanwhile)
  • Petrie: Stay here, Littlefoot. Rex and Louie is coming.
  • Rex: How are you Littlefoot?
  • Littlefoot: We made it! You're save the world, Rex!
  • Louie: What are we think you're doing?
  • Rex: This is happily ever after.

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