Once in the great valley Littlefoot cere ducky petre spike chomper and ruby were playing with the rock and then when chomper kicked it and it made hole in the mountain and little foot checked it and he and his friends walk in and in there the movie started and the tital and it said Littlefoot,s adventure of elmo in grounch land. Then little foot and his friends kept walking and in the houes with lots of stuff and the word of cere said thats a lot of stuff and on the bed and elmo was sleeping with him being cover by his blanket and a bird came out of his clock and the bird shouted wake up and littlefoot and his friends covered there ears and elmo woke up and and went left and right with him saying elmos up elmos up and he looked and said wow hello every body and the word of him said and who are you little dinoaures and the word of little foot said these is cere ducky petre spike and chomper and ruby and I,m little foot. Elmo said it,s so nice to see you and elmos favarate in whole world yeah elmo,s blanket come out for every one blank and when he did now his blanket wasn,t on his bed and he went to find it and he thought it,s in the box and kids said no and elmo said no and he closed the top and he said is it over here and kids said yes and elmo looked up and found it on the hat hook. Then the word of chomper said how did it get way up there. Elmo said thanks for every one for helping and he said blanket hey you come down from there and elmo shaked the hook and the hats and his blanket fell and elmo got up and the hats fell off his ears and eyes and the blanket hug him and they did things togather and then elmo knock him to the desk and his orange juice spilled on it. Then said uh oh and pick it up and said time to wash you and at the luandry place elmo tried to turn the machine on and tried again and he asked the man when elmo start it and the man bam it and it worked and elmos other friends played music and in the middle elmo put his blanket in the dryer and some socks wearing sun glasses were singing and when the red light beeped and it means that elmo,s blanket was clean. When the muppets were leaveing and the count trip on a banana pill and elmo flyed in the sky and he use his blanket like a pearasuit and it landed to saseme street and the word of cere said elmo you shoudn,t trip on that pill and elmo told his blanket that lets go home and zoe walked by and she was sad and elmo said oh hi zoe but zoe didn,t say hi back and the word of littlefoot said I thank there is something wrong and elmo told zoe whats wrong and zoe said sadly I really really want go to the zoo today but my daddy had to work so he won,t take me. Then elmo had an idea and said if zoe can,t go to the zoo elmo will bring the zoo to zoe and he roared like a lion and act like a monkey and had a stuffy nose and zoe fell better and she wanted to hold it and elmo try to take it and zoe and elmo rip it and Littlefoot and his friends gasp. Then elmo wasn,t happy and he said madly Zoe look what you did and zoe said I didn,t mean it was an accident and elmo said something mean and zoe said what I,m not your friend. Then tally said I can,t stop he was on skates and wearing a helmet and knee things on his legs and arm things on his arms and his got elmos blanket and elmo chass after him and on the way the waitres came out with drinks and tally almost knock it over and elmo knocked the cups off and the glass cups fell to the ground and breaked and cookie monster was getting ready to eat them and then telly knocked the the spinning door and it spin around and elmo was still chassing telly and the spinning door stoped and the cookies fell off and cookie monster fell to floor. At a restrant a man said oh waiter and grover said in a second sir. Then elmo was almost there and he finally got it and said hi telly and telly said hello and they screamed at a light pole and telly hit it and the blanket flyed away and elmo ran after it and back at the restraunt grover stoped and said yes sir and the man said uh no not you again listen like a and elmo kept running after the blanket and shouting blanket blanket and grover said these looks like a job for super grover and grover spined around in circles and becamed super grover and man said but what about breakfast and super grover said no thank you sir I can not fly in a full stomach and he take off in the sky. He was flying in the sky and saw the blanket and on the ground big bird looked and oscer was about to sneeze and the blanket land on his hands and oscer sneeze on it and he put it in his trash can. Elmo was still running and say blanket and super grover landed from the sky and telly was still skateing Big bird said look out but it,s too late. But elmo telly grover was okey. Elmo said but wheres elmos blanket and big bird said oh I saw it fell out of the sky and oscer sneeze in it and he drop it in his can. Elmo did know see that and he fell on the ground and got up he open the top and asked oscer if he can have it back but oscer didn,t answer and elmo kept asking and the lady told him that she don,t think that oscer is home and elmo why elmo need his blanket back he said and the other lady with a brown face said I gusse you,ll have to wait for oscer to get back. Zoe wanted to talk to him but elmo didn,t want to talk to her. Then he ran away and the man said don,t worry zoe elmo is just a little upset and zoe said but bob I didn,t mean to rip up his blanket and then telly came to do some. Then elmo said elmo not going to be home now elmo is gonney get his blanket back then everyone left and the word of littlefoot said can we go with you elmo and the other word of elmo said sure Little foot lets go. Then elmo kept waiting and he couldn,t wait anymore and he went in the trashcan with littlefoot and his friends falling down the mountain. Then in the can elmo said wow I didn,t know that oscer,s place can be these big and the word of cere said these is yucky in here. Then elmo saw his blanket on a door. He tried to get it off then the door opened and the spinning things were colorful and the wind blew elmo in and Littlefoot and his friends were being push them in and the colors blew elmo in and made him fly and the circles splt elmo and his blanket diffrent ways and one slid elmo into grouch land and water threw Littlefoot and his friends out and elmo said gee that was a fun ride and gee look at these place. Elmo said where,s elmo,s blanket and where is elmo and the words of elmo said and Littlefoot and friends and the other word of chomper said these place is nasty here. Then a grouch pop out and said hey man your in grouch land the other grouch talked two and so did the lady one. Then the other one said I fell a song coming on and the grouchs said yuck and after all the singing Elmo said wow grouch land sounds like fun and the grouchs gasp and and they threw paper at elmo and it made a book and elmo said elmo doesn,t know how to read these and the grouch said oh isn,t it lovly and a strange noise came in and a helicopter flyed in and the other one look like a heart it means the queen of hearts is here and the other one look like a hook one and it means it,s captain hook and the last one look like a buttler one and it means it,s edger. Then Little foot and his friends gasp. Then a grouch said uh no it,s huxle and the word of the grouch said and his villain pals they we,ll take anything. Then the copters landed and stoped and the cards came out and surrond the old grouchs and the huxle,s thing moved and went threw the cards and huxle said I,ll take those and the blower toke the old grouch,s canes and in edger,s helicopter window open and the net came out and it catched the grouch cats and the thing of the huxles copter went in and the net of edger,s helicopter got off and the huxle said I,ll take that and the blower toke the grouch cat,s ball of yarn, In captain hook,s hook copter he order the to aam at the houes and hook said ready stay low fire and boom and the canne ball braked the houes roof and the huxle,s thing came to the grouch kid playing with his un rubber ducky and the huxle said I,ll take that and the blower toke it and it went to a girl name grizze singing with her playing with her suggy doll and the huxle said in the thing saying hey little girl is that your suggy doll grizze said what and the huxle ppphh and said your wrong guess I,ll takeing it now and the villains laughed and the word of ducky said I don,t like the huxle and his pals no no no.Then huxle was trying to take it but grizze will not let go and the pick grizze up and grizze said put me down backson huxle and elmo shout stop and grizze fell off and elmo said are you all right and the huxle said did some one say stop and the villains stoped and the queen of hearts came out and the word of petre said me sees that looking queen. Then edger came out and chomper and ruby gasp and the word of ducky said thats a sneeky buttler and captain hook came out with his hook and the word of cere said that pirate got a hook she said scarely. Then the huxle came out with him wearing his polit suit and the word of Littlefoot said thats a reeally mean man. Then huxle took his goggles up his hat and said alright who said that which one of you dares to question and the word of the huxle said our evil ways and the grouchs pointed to elmo and elmo said elmo said it and a bug said hey boss I heard him said it he is the one who said it he is the cute little guy and the word of bug said and cute little dinosaurse. Elmo said it is not nice to take things that don,t belong to you and huxle said he also said it is not nice to take things that don,t belong to me and huxle said it is all mine bug and bug open the door holding a tennise racket and said and ding I own it and bug came up holding a hammer and huxle touch it and said ding I own it and bug went up holding a painten he touch it and said I own it and these bug came out holding elmos blanket said elmo said elmo,s blanket and huxle said ahh your wrong you you see and the word of huxle said we didn,t borrow these one and we didn,t take it and huxle finish telling elmo and elmo said how and huxle said ding I own it. Then bugs talk back and huxle tell bug to get in the coppter and drive and bugs said sir yes sir and bugs went in and elmo said no wait blanket blanket and the huxle said you know I really love to stay and chet but I have to get home to take a nap with my brand now woopy and the word of Little foot said what and huxle said say bye bye whoopy bye bye and he pretend the blanket is sobbing and elmo said it,s a blanket and huxle open the door and said whoopy and elmo said blanket and huxle said whoopy and elmo said blanket and huxle said whoopy and elmo said blanket and huxle said whoopy and elmo said blanket and huxle said mine and he closed the door and the villains laughed and the top spin around and elmo said blanket and the helicopters flyed away the word of cere said huxle is nothing but and no good crook. Then elmo told his friends that lets get some help and they kept asking and the grouchs wouldn,t help and grizze grab elmo and he said hey your the girl with the doll and grizze said shh my name is grizze and elmo said why dose the grouchs let the mean huxle guy and the word of elmo said and that queen with her army of cards and mean edger and that pirate with the hook take everything and grizze explain it to elmo and he said but elmo said elmo said but elmo has to get his blanket back and grizze told him he that she can help him and the word of ruby said I don,t know about these the villains will get us and Little foot and his friends walked and back at seseme street telly was looking for elmo and he ran into cookie monster and telly got up and kept looking for elmo and cookie monster said uhh me am haveing a bad cookie day

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