Version 1

Sue as Johan

Jasper as Peewit

Youngmee as Princess Savina

The King of Town(from Homestar Runner) as The King

Whitney as Gargamel

Brittany as Scruple

Wiggles as Bigmouth

Persian(from Pokemon) as Azrael

Alice as Laura

Roger Baxter as Papa Smurf

Pepper Clark as Jokey Smurf (both are funny)

Blythe Baxter as Tailor Smurf

Penny Ling as Painter Smurf (both tend to lose their temper)

Vinnie as Harmony Smurf

Sunil Nevla as Scaredy Smurf (both are easily scared)

Zoe Trent as Vanity Smurf (both are vain and like looking in the mirror)

Russell as Brainy Smurf (both are smart and uptight)

Minka Mark as Smurfette

Buttercream as Greedy Smurf (both love treats)

Scout Kerry as Vexy

Shivers as Hackus

Black Corgi as Nat Smurf

Shahhrukh as King Smurf

Madame Pom as Periwinkle (both are enemies and later friends to Zoe and Vanity)

Tiger as Baker Smurf

Littlest Pat as Lucky Smurf

Mary Francis as Grouchy Smurf (bothare grumpy)

The Bulldog(from Penny for Your Laughs) as Puppy

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