The Living Army

The Living Army is the armed wing of the Church Of The White Star in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Future Universe.


The Living Army can trace its origins back to the very inception of the White Star. As the White Star beheld the hopes and values of many of the onboard travellers, the movement was quite popular and as such many of its core members became famous within their respective populations. However, at the time the traditional religions of old Terra and Luna held sway, and the inception of this new order proved to be their downfall. They secretly sponsored anti-White Star movements, and it is doubtless that they were behind at least a few of the assassination attempts made upon prominent members of the White Star. The Living Army was initially a simple sect of the White Star that was swelled its ranks with many of the more powerful, yet simple members of the public. When the need arose, however, they quickly formed themselves into an armed militia. They would accompany many high-ranking figures on their journeys and would protect them with their lives, giving their bodies so that the faithful could continue to preach again another day. The Living Army had grown significantly in a few short years and soon were seen by all, the White Star included, as the official chamber militant of the Church. The Church, to this day, is yet to formerly declare the Living Army as part of their organisation, largely due to the Living Army having a somewhat unsavoury reputation now that its power is largely unchallenged. But, given the increasing conflict and even open battle on many of the Colony Ships, they are indeed a powerful and faithful ally to have at your side.


The base unit in the Living Army is the Flesh Givers, a squad of anywhere between five and twenty men. A Battalion consists of anywhere from five to ten Flesh Giver squads, and a group of ten Battalions consist one Commandery. Veterans or those with specialised skills are usually formed into different squads. Some Examples are the Tainted, whose members are trained in the use of radiation-throwing weapons, whilst those of the Ascending Members are equipped with rudimentary gravitational devices. Members of the White Star, regardless of rank or position, are assumed to have complete and unquestionable control over any Living Army units that they turn their attention to, although all but the most senior defer many decisions to the chamber militant’s own officers. Standard issue equipment for each Living Army member is one (1) Magnetic Rifle; a Class 2 reinforced ceramic vest and helmet, and a bandolier of Incendiary Grenades. Certain units may be additionally equipped trained in the use of support equipment such as Radiation Throwers, Concussion Missile Launchers, and Static Glaives. Units of the Living Army are also infamous for producing their own, home-made weaponry, and often carry small artefacts and objects that have been (reputedly) blessed by famous members of the White Star.

Rank Structure

  • Brother-Faithful
  • Brother-Vengeful
  • Brother-Superior
  • Father-Faithful
  • Father-Vengeful
  • Father-Superior
  • Grand Father-Superior
  • Marshall Father-Superior

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