Local and regional coordinators (LRCs) is a label first created in the Regional Networking Committee Job Description. These are expected to consist of networked organizations and individuals who will create local publicity and initiatives that promote and make use of FIC resources, and who also gather local news and networking information for the FIC.

Craig asks: So I "met" a woman on tribe that wants to create a NE Intentional Community Association. I thought about pointing her at the wiki, but decided to hold off for a bit so that we can get it into better shape before we open the doors to others. Thoughts?

Raines responds: The whole point of the wiki format is that we don't have to wait around to get it 'perfect' like a print publication, instead we can get people engaged in the process of co-creating it. Who better to give us feedback on what we've got and ask questions that we're not thinking of? So long as sufficient mentorship is available to provide cultural context and keep her from being scared off or misreading our draft materials, I'd say go for it. I'm asking similar Q's myself related to some City Repair folks I just met in Los Angeles Saturday. Perhaps this will move us quicker to create the So you want to start a Regional Network FAQ and Recommended attributes/skills/resources for becoming a LRC, as well as FIC-point-of-view guidelines related to fostering, encouraging, and recognizing LRCs.

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