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1. Who are Local Trade Find

Local Trade Find is a small group of home owners who also know a thing or two about web design. Based in Stamford we operate from home and develop all our systems internally. Hosted with one of the UK's largest hosting companies Pipex.

2. The Concept

The concept of this site came around from years of struggling to find traders in the local area. As home owners, we always wanted to find the best deal or the best price for work done on our houses. This meant combining many different sources to find that list of potential traders and then to phone around for quotes. Instead we thought...."Why not create a simple web site with a list of traders that we can search through ".

So we set about designing and writing this web site. Looking around the information on local traders was limited. If we were looking for a trader, say Plumber, we would know they were plumbers but that's it. No other information was available for the homeowner to search for, if we wanted a Plumber that also did tilling ....Would we know?? Untill we phoned them up?....."No"..... We understood also that to get this info into allot of the "Main" search web sites, for a small business or sole trader, would be far too costly.

The most important thing to all of this was.....Keep it Local....So much of the internet delivers such useless information to such a large amount of people. We wanted to avoid this, if you want an Electrician in Stamford, you don't want to see a Electrician in Nottingham! Well we don't :)

The defining goals - Easy search facility - More information on the trader - Simplicity of Design - Business generation for traders - Keep it local

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