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Nothing helps mend the social fabric of a violent prone society than direct actions of a concerned citizen. When confronted with aggressive elements, criminals and conglomerate operatives how best to help them? Arm them! Polpev industries has been manufacturing a line of firearms to support the concerned citizen for decades. Ranging from pocket pistols to automated mortar platforms Polpev equips the common man.

Red Sands Striker

The RSS is a modern adaptation to old Terra technology that follows the hallmark Polpev ‘reliability and cost’ attitude. The RSS follows the traditional assault rifle frame but tones down the caliber in favor of controllability. This control is accomplished by having an overreaching limiter that results in one of the slowest auto fire modes on the market. Chambering a 4x46mm lead ball round the rifle has decent range characteristics even for its relatively small caliber.

Cal – 4.46x50mm

Range – assault rifle

Dam – 5p

Ammo cap - 39

ROF – SA/BF (BF is treated as a complex action)

Weight – 6lbs

RC – 1

Conceal – very low

Price – 1200$

Pocket Slug .50 A departure from their normal ‘small caliber’ theme Polpev produced the Pocket Slug .50, a .50cal single shot holt out pistol. The pistol is in reality just a tube with a simple firing pin device built into a button on the back. It offers a single shot option to people wishing to pack a punch without too much mass. Unfortunately due to the size of the slug and length of the barrel the pistol is notably hard to fire

Cal - .50 pistol

Range – Hold out

Dam – 9p

Ammo cap – 1

ROF – ss

Weight – 0.5lbs

RC – (-2)

Conceal – very high

Price – 200$


Tau- Dau Chang TDC armor is the everyman’s armor. Cheap, easy to manufacture and highly versatile the armor provides a benefit for any occasion. TDC armor is seen commonly among militias, local police forces, and not so wealthy mercenaries. While less common among civilian populations it is not overly difficult to acquire and wear. The actual armor comes as a kit of a high density resin and sheets of an absorbent ballistic mesh similar to Kevlar. To wear the user dons a thin plastic body sheet that comes with the kit. He then paints the resin over the desired areas and applies a ballistic sheet, the processes is repeated until the proper number of sheets have been applied (the listed resistance number represents an 8 sheet layer). The kit provides enough material to cover a normal person’s entire body. A clever mercenary has been known to cover the exterior layer of material with resin and apply elements of the local territory to acquire a limited degree of camouflage. Armor Value – 3/2

>>>BigDawg439 - Good stuff, not easily covered cuz its pretty stiff, but a decent fix in a pinch.

>>>GunStudMania - i got tired of taking rounds in UAC turf so i covered my ride in this stuff, not bad, but i had to rip my doors off to fix the sticks, trust me

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