The Gamers Cove

Original idea founded by: Heavily Armed Toa of Kittens Founder: Turaga Gama(Orginally Elite Toa of Entertainment)

The Gamers Cove is the entertainment sector of the Comic land, just off the west coast. Most Gamemakers are here, with various exceptions, like Leppy. Not to be fooled by the name, the Gamers Cove is a tropical paradise with the most state of the art living accomodations, some of the best(Or at least most fun) inventions come from here.


Original idea founded by: Veon Founder: Brad (From Veon's Comics)

The Bradian Tribe is a third world hidden section of the Comic Land, originally located in the area of Malice Borg's lair. Since Malice Borg put his lair into the Bradian tribe area, the Bradians were scared of the elite technology, and went into hiding. The entire tribe then went to a remote island they called "Bradia". However, the evil tyrants of the Comic Land (mainly Sir Mirrory, Nika, Mahkarak, and Master Pop Tarts) took the land away, killing many of the Bradians. The rest of the tribe's whereabouts are unknown.

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