This is a list of locations in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption that Samus will go to. They are arranged in the order they are first traversed.

G.F.S. Olympus

The Galactic Federation fleet flagship serves as the tutorial level as Space Pirates attack the fleet and attempt to board the Olympus.

  • Miniboss: Berserker Lord
  • Items: Missile Launcher, P.E.D. Suit


This planet is being orbited by the Galactic Federation fleet and is attacked by Space Pirates at the beginning of the game. The Pirates send a Leviathan at the planet, and Samus must destroy it. She encounters Ridley here, and is corrupted by Dark Samus along with the other hunters.

  • Boss: Meta Ridley
  • Item: Grapple Lasso


This planet is where Samus goes after Norion. It has a fiery area, a snowy area, and a jungle area. Rundas was dispatched here but became corrupted, and was subsequently killed by Samus.

  • Miniboss: Korakk
  • Bosses: Rundas, Mogenar
  • Items: Grapple Swing, Ice Missiles, Hyper Ball, Screw Attack (second visit)


This planet is where Samus goes after Bryyo. It is a city in the clouds. Ghor was dispatched here but became corrupted, and was subsequently killed by Samus after damaging the planet's Aurora Unit, 217.

  • Minibosses: Steamlord, Defense Drone, Berserker Lord 2
  • Bosses: Ghor, Helios
  • Items: Boost Ball, Plasma Beam, Ship Grapple Beam, Hyper Missiles, Spider Ball (second visit)

Pirate Homeworld

This planet is the homeworld of the Space Pirates. Gandrayda was dispatched here but became corrupted, and was subsequently killed by Samus.

  • Minibosses: Pirate Commander (second visit)
  • Bosses: Gandrayda, Omega Ridley (second visit)
  • Items: X-Ray Visor, Grapple Voltage, Hazard Suit, Nova Beam, Hyper Grapple (second visit)

G.F.S. Valhalla

This Federation ship was attacked by Space Pirates. Its Aurora Unit, 313, was stolen by the Pirates.


This mysterious final planet is the origin of the element Phazon.

  • Bosses: Dark Samus, Aurora Unit 313
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