Lock and Load is the second studio album from the rap group G-Unit.[1][2] The title of the album was originally rumored to be Locked & Loaded, then was announced as Shoot to Kill and eventually changed to Lock and Load.[1] The album is scheduled for to be released on June 24,[3] 2008, the same day as former G-Unit member The Game and rapper Nelly.[4]


It has been confirmed by G-Unit members that recording for the album is currently in progress.[5][6] It has also been confirmed by 50 Cent that Lock and Load will be the next G-Unit Records release after Curtis.[6]


The album's title has been acknowledged by who said "As the title suggests, they [G-Unit] aren't exactly aiming for joy." In an interview with MTV Tony Yayo revealed the reason behind the title saying that it "describes the aggressiveness."[7]

50 Cent commented on the method of songwriting and recording that the group are using. He said:

We ran through 18 records. But what I was doing at that point was I was allowing them to make the same effort that they would make for mixtape material, for the album. So we’ll put portions of that material that were made during that time span on the actual street. It’s not going to do anything but build momentum.[8]



During an interview, Spider Loc mentioned that G-Unit have recorded seventy to eighty tracks which could appear on the album.[9] However in an interview with, G-Unit have stated that there is currently eighteen possible tracks which could make the final album.[8]

In an interview with MTV 50 Cent confirmed that Eminem, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland have all contributed to the album, with Eminem's track being the last to be finished.[10] He said:

We gotta work with Em, that's it. Then we can be done with it. Production-wise, I captured what I needed. But I didn't want to not have Em's stamp on it. We probably won't get his vocals until he's heard the full body of work and he's excited about it. Before my work [goes to the public], it has to pass the Eminem test, the Dr. Dre test — it's a few tests before we push them to the street. That's why they can expect a higher quality of 50 Cent music than the usual artist.[10]


Tony Yayo confirmed that Timbaland and Swizz Beatz will be providing production for the album, quoting them as "the standout tracks" and his "favorites."[11] Tony Yayo has also confirmed that Ron Browz and Eminem have produced for the album.[8]


The first introductory track entitled "Wanna Lick" features Lil' Kim.[2][12][13] The collaboration was made possible due to Young Buck bringing 50 Cent and Lil' Kim together to reconcile, which killed the feud between the two artists that started shortly after "Magic Stick" was released in 2003.[12] It is unknown if the track will appear on Lock and Load.

In a recent interview, 50 Cent spoke about a song for the upcoming G-Unit album, titled "Party Ain't Over". He stated this song was reminiscent of "I Get Money", and speaks about the rumored split between Young Buck and the rest of G-Unit. In the same interview, he also played an unnamed Swizz Beatz produced track.[14]

On April 1 2008, 50 Cent released "I Like the Way She Do It".[15] The track is the confirmed first single from the album.[15]

Confirmed tracks

Title Featured performer(s) Producer(s)
"I Like the Way She Do It"[15] G-Unit Street Radio[16]
"The Party Ain't Over"[14] G-Unit Tha Bizness

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