A fallacy is an illogical argument that uses fallacious reasoning to conpel others to accept the conclusion. I will use fallacies that would be said to Timon from the Lion King as samples.

Appeal to FORCE (Argumentum Ad Baculum), meaning Argument of the CUDGEL!

Appeal to FORCE is where the arguer poses a conclusion to a pursuadee and threatens the pursuadee that some negative consequences will follow if they disagree. This fallacy can either use physical or non-physical threats to back up the conclusion. The threat of force does not make the conclusion right and it is very fallacious.

Example 1: Timon, Star Trek: The Next Generation is the BEST story ever written, and if you pick your more popular Lion King insteaad of TNG, I will call your foes, the Hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed to come over and tear you apart!

Example 2: Timon, you better start watching John Luke Picard's show and films, for if you don't you will be watching Hyena TV, especially the nude Shenzi Girls late at night to give you lovely nightmares all about teh Hyena Trio every time you sleep!

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