1. The bear slips off of the NELVANA text.
  2. When the bear jumps on the NELVANA text, it rises up just like a rocket would do and the bear falls off.
  3. The music uses the "Boy Band" soundfont from Mixcraft, sounding like the Temmie Village theme.
  4. The star falls off, creating a black hole in the process.
  5. The NELVANA text is distorted.
  6. The color and the music is inverted, and the logo is reversed.
  7. The NELVANA text corrupts, reading out NE38AN4, and the bear is made out of numbers.
  8. The NELVANA text reveals a spring, and the bear springs off.
  9. The color is black and white, and the animation is choppy.
  10. The logo runs normally.

Cartoon Pizza

  1. Pinky Dinky Doo sits on top of the logo. She trips and falls off, as well as the logo.
  2. The music is reversed.
  3. The logo runs normally, but after that, the BND logo comes in and takes over the logo.
  4. Chef Pee Pee's theme from SuperMarioLogan replaces the music.
  5. The pizza gets scared, and the latter falls off.
  6. The globe turns into the 1936 Universal "Art Deco Globe", and the pizza gets dizzy, and falls.
  7. The biplane from the 1927 Universal logo flies around, thus knocking off the pizza.
  8. The pizza turns into a teenage girl. She says "Peace out!" before turning back into a pizza. The director runs away.
  9. The zapper sound from Duck Hunt is heard, and the pizza falls. The camera then zooms to the Duck Hunt field, where the dog eats the pizza.
  10. The logo runs normally.

Paramount Television

  1. The mountain is absent.
  2. The mountain falls over, revealing a smaller mountain in the background. The camera zooms to it. A mountain climber can briefly be seen.
  3. On the mountain, Paul the Monkey, from the DNA productions logo, comes and says "Hi, I'm Pau-Wait a minute? Where am I? This isn't my logo home!".
  4. The mountain grows a mouth, a nose, and eyes and says "I quit!" before falling over.
  5. The byline falls off, and a new byline appears saying "A Gulped+Pestered Company". A giant anime girl then eats the mountain.
  6. The bobbysoxers from the "All the Cats Join In" segment of "Make Mine Music" appear on the mountain (they jump and do the next event stated right.), tipping the "Paramount" text over.
  7. The logo doesn't animate.
  8. The logo constantly glitches just like a video camera.
  9. Riley from Inside Out falls on the logo, tripping it.
  10. The logo runs normally.


  1. The wrong logo is used (The 1936 "Art Deco Globe" is used, but this blooper is the 2012 "100th Anniversary" logo.). The director says "GIMME THE RIGHT LOGO!".
  2. The globe falls.
  3. A biplane crashes into the logo.
  4. The "Universal" text turns into the Sesame Workshop "House" logo. It then messes up the globe.
  5. Wind appears, and the byline blows away.
  6. The logo is done correctly


  1. Flandre Scarlet sleeps on the logo. Pinky Dinky Doo comes, drinks blood, magically changes into Remilla's clothes, gains her wings, and kicks Flandre off to the Nelvana logo. The Nelvana bear then eats Flandre. The director, who is revealed to be Cirno, says "Cut, bakas! Why?"
  2. The biplane from the Universal Cartoon Studios logo crashes into one of the logo's trees.
  3. A helicopter drops a bomb on the logo, destroying it.
  4. As revenge, Flandre runs through the logo, and we see a scene of Pinky Dinky Doo sleeping on a chair. Flandre sucks Pinky's blood, which wakes her up. Pinky then chases Flandre.
  5. The logo is on flat land instead of having scenery.
  6. The logo is done correctly

Sesame Workshop

  1. Weegee replaces Pinky Dinky Doo. The director, Flandre Scarlet, tells Remilla where Pinky is. Pinky comes, and says, "I'm right here! Gotta get in my place!"
  2. Max from Max and Ruby appears in his toy car and runs over the logo, thus trampling the director.
  3. The Mickey from the Disney Television Animation logo replaces Elmo.
  4. Elmo does not appear. The director says "Where's Elmo?". She then finds him in her body, sending her to the hospital, thus saying "Oh well, we'll try again in the morning"
  5. The Warners run across the logo being chased by Ralph T. Guard.

More to be added...

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