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The Simpsons Home Entertainment

In a white background, we see the familar Simpsons logo and the word on the bottom of it "HOME ENTERTAINMENT". Then we see Homer Simpson (his head, arms and shirt are shown) appearing on the top of the O in Simpsons. Homer says "Mmmm, The Simpsons Home Entertainment", so he throws the "O" out replacing it with a pink donut and he eats it. He makes munching noises and he says "Mmmm" once, burps and laughs.

  • Homer saying "Mmmm, The Simpsons Home Entertainment", saying "Mmmm" once, burps and laughs along with sound effects.
  • The Simpsons theme

Seen on

  • The Simpsons Home Entertainment (DVD by the same name)

South Park Home Entertainment


In a black background, we see the sign that says "SOUTH PARK" on it and the word on the bottom of it "HOME ENTERTAINMENT". Then, we see Eric Cartman appearing on the sign. Cartman says "Hahahaha, South Park Home Entertainment", so he cuts the "O" In South out of the sign with a pair of sissors replacing it with a big circle and he puts it there beside S and U. He runs off laughing.


  • Cartman saying "South Park Home Entertainment" and running off laughing.
  • South Park theme

Seen on

  • South Park: Dance With Smurfs (DVD)

Korther/Mential Productions


Against a water background with grey clouds in the sky and a Brittany Ferries ferry. We see the words





in association with

in white in the Bradley Hand ITC font.

  • A truck fog horn. Sometimes, a laugh from Brad can be heard in the Therntioners episode "Brad goes to College".

Seen on

  • The Therntioners

Entertainment National Limited (ENL)


We fade into a space background white a white outlined box with the words "ENL" on it. Then it fades to the Cannon Films logo. After a logo is finished animating, the box turns (like a trilon) to show the next logo being animated. After the last logo, we cut to black.

Here's a list of the logos that animate inside the box:

  1. Cannon Films logo
  2. New World Pictures logo
  3. Atlantic Releasing logo
  4. Gramercy Pictures logo
  5. Lorimar Television's marble logo
  6. The Ladd Company logo
  7. Braveworld logo
  8. Tri-Star Pictures' 1980's logo
  9. Caravan Pictures logo
  10. Vision International logo
  11. Carolco's 1988 logo
  12. Palace Pictures logo
  13. Vestron Pictures logo
  14. First Choice logo
  15. Touchstone Pictures' 1980's logo
  16. Guild Film Distribution logo
  17. Orion Pictures logo
  18. Entertainment in Video logo.


  • On some releases, the box zooms out, but quickly zooms back to reveal one of its animated logos again. For example it's Touchstone Pictures, Tristar Pictures, Carolco, etc.
  • A hip-hop fanfare sounding like the Airwolf theme.
  • Ken Sparkes (long term announcer for Nine Network) saying "The world of home entertainment, Entertainment National Limited, distributor from the libaries of the labels Cannon Films..., New World Pictures..., Atlantic Releasing..., Gramercy Pictures..., Lorimar Television..., The Ladd Company..., Braveworld..., Tri-Star Pictures..., Caravan Pictures..., Vision International..., Carolco Pictures..., Palace Pictures..., Vestron Pictures..., First Choice..., Touchstone Pictures..., Guild Film Distribution..., Orion Pictures... and Entertainment in Video". On Touchstone releases (at least), he includes "are bringing you special previews of home entertainment releases from Touchstone Pictures".

NCH Videos


On a Black background We see a sign saying "DOG HOME VIDEOS" Then, we see Odie running around it Then, Garfield kicks him & and this logo away, keeps his paws & a King-Sized NCH Logo Falls & Garfield puts his paw marks on it & Wacks his eye.

  • Wacky music it first & when the NCH Logo fails an ever more sillyer music
  • Garfield saying "I Hate Dog Home Videos, Stupid Logo" When he kicks Odie, After the NCH Logo fails He says "Now That is what i call a Logo."

Seen on

  • My Best Friends
  • My Best Friends 2
  • My Best Friends 3

Publishing and Broadcasting Entertainment


We fade into a sunset background and a box zooms in with a white outlined rectangle with the words "PBE" in a typewirter-like font on it. Then it fades to The Thames Video logo but with the word "VIDEO" replaced with "HOME ENTERTAINMENT". After a logo is finished animating, the box turns like a trilon to show the next logo being animated. After the last logo, we cut to black.

Here's a list of logos that animate inside the box:

  1. Thames Home Entertainment logo
  2. Central Home Entertainment logo
  3. Granada Media logo
  4. LWT Home Entertainment logo
  5. Channel 4 Entertainment.

Seen on

  • Releases by Thames, Central, Granada, LWT and Channel 4

My The Wiggles Home Entertainment Productions


On a light yellow background, we see the familiar Wiggles logo, but with My on top and Home Entertainment Productions at the bottom, Seconds later, the entire logo zooms out to reveal that it's painted on a Da Bomb, someone's hand appears with a candle to light the bomb and the bomb and logo explode leaving only the title of the release that bounces up and down once and stops.


  • A 4-minute large drumroll, then segues to an instrumental version of Get Ready to Wiggle.
  • Cartoonish sound effects
  • A Wiggles Fan's voice saying "My The Wiggles Home Entertainment Productions presents.... [TAPE NAME]"

Seen on

  • All Wiggles DVDs

DNA Productions (logo 3)

We zoom out of a motion picture camera lens with lasers flying about, The camera is being operated by Paul the 3-eyed monkey (from DNA Productions' sceond logo) himself (Hi, i'm Paul) seated on a large crane extended with running wheels way up into a susnet sky,As the crane moves away from us and Paul and the crane go into silhouette, the laser writes the text DNA Productions in it's coporate font and zooms and turns to settle below. When the logo is formed, smoke comes out of the wheels (looking like it's out of fuel). Paul looks at us saying Uh oh, the camera wobbles up making Paul (screaming) and the Camera land to the ground and a cuckoo bird from the crane can be seen popping out (like a cuckoo clock) Paul is heard saying "Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch".


  • Paul's lines
  • The Camera wobbling
  • A Cuckoo soung
Seen on
  • Charlie the Scientist


On a black background we find Timmy Turner (from The Fairly OddParents) pushing a modified version of the Amblin Entertainment logo, but this time reading "TIMMYMATION" in a white-red gradient font, from the right. The same "shadow wipe" is on the text while he pushes, and it stops when he stops. Then he stands next to the logo and his hat slips off his head. Note: this logo is similar to the Amblimation logo.



Seen on
  • Dexter's Labatory
  • The Fairly OddParents
  • Danny Phantom
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy
  • Total Drama Island
  • Total Drama: Revenge of the Island
  • Total Drama: All Stars
  • Wayside

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