Brief history

Lokk’ was born on Naboo, in Theed medical centre (34 BBY). His mother was killed by Separatist forces, at the battle of Naboo. From a young age he started training in melee combat at Theed academy he studied in Teräs Käsi, Polearm and Holo-mechanics, he graduated Theed academy (16 BBY) adept in Teräs Käsi, and Polearm weaponry, and with a fail in Holo-mechanics. On the second day of freedom form Theed academy at 18, he booked the first flight to Tatooine, Mos Eisley, with his younger brother (Groval 17).

When Lokk’ climbed out of the shuttle and stood in front of Mos Eisley Starport he could tell better times were coming.


Lokk started to help the alliance cause using his Teräs Käsi skills. He also started to learn how to pilot a star fighter, from a friend in the alliance.


Achieved the rank of Master in the Teräs Käsi order.


Moved in to a town on Corellia called Galacia, where he met a Wookie named Tyrrell who was also a supporter of the Alliance, they both took a active role in the alliance, helping them win many major battles


Started to help the Alliance in the on going battle of Restuss, until he was re-called for other duties.


- Master at the Teräs Käsi art.

- Master of Polearm weaponry.

- Skilled with range weapons.

- Novice at slicing.

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