Lola is the mother of Brock, the sister of Kids Day teacher Reiko, and the wife of Flint appearing in A Family That Battles Together Stays Together and Grating Spaces. She has brown hair and blue eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a pink sleeveless shirt, white long skirt and blue sandals. She is voiced by Carol Jacobanis in Pokemon Chronicles and Annie Silver in Pokemon Battle Frontier. At her age, she is 39 years old.


  • Flint (Husband)
  • Reiko (Sister)
  • Brock, Forrest, Salvador, Tommy, Billy, and Timmy (Sons)
  • Yolanda, Cindy, Suzy and Tilly (Daughters)


  1. Being kind to Flint
  2. Becoming sisters with Aunt Reiko
  3. Leaning to her skills


  1. Feeling silly
  2. Becoming unacceptable
  3. Fracturing herself

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