Lola Kane is the titular protagonist of the Motorcity spin-off, The Adventures of Lola Kane, as well as being the daughter of Julie Kane and Mike Chilton, the sister of Jordan Chilton, and the love interest of Zachary "Zach" Pingrey. Voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern at the age of 13, she has short red hair and black eyes and wears a pink short sleeved shirt, blue denim shorts, tan pantyhose and black penny loafers.


  1. Julie Kane and Mike Chilton (Parents)
  2. Abraham Kane (Single Grandfather)
  3. Jordan Chilton (Older Brother)
  4. Zachary Pingrey (Love Interest)
  5. Rebecca Darling and Diane Perkins (Best Friends)
  6. George Radcliffe (Total Crush)
  7. Sandra Joyce (Rival)
  8. Freezer (Pet Cat, voiced by Katie Griffin)


  1. Being cool to Zach
  2. Sharing her time
  3. Dancing to the rhythm


  1. The way Foxy's daughter Sandra bosses her
  2. Losing Freezer
  3. Being bothered by some bullies


  1. She is the daughter of Julie and Mike.
  2. She is an inspiration to Riley Matthews from Girl Meets World.
  3. Her only brother is Jordan Chilton
  4. She is friends with Rebecca and Diane
  5. She has tan pantyhose like Julie Kane.
  6. Because she is female, she means it

List of Other Characters

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