Lola Loud is the 6-year-old sister of Lincoln of The Loud House and the love interest of Bobert. She has long blonde hair, black eyes and wears white earrings. Her main outfit is composed of: a long pink gown and sash, a white pearl necklace around her neck, long pink gloves, pink high heels, and a tiara on her head. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle (who also voices Sam Manson from Danny Phantom, Yumi from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Riley Daring from The Replacements and Kitty Katswell from T.U.F.F. Puppy). At her age, she is 6 years old.


  • Mrs. Loud (Mother)
  • Mr. Loud (Father)
  • Lincoln Loud (11-year-old Brother)
  • Lori Loud (17-year-old Sister)
  • Leni Loud (16-year-old Sister)
  • Luna Loud (15-year-old Sister)
  • Luan Loud (14-year-old Sister)
  • Lynn Loud (13-year-old Sister)
  • Lucy Loud (8-year-old Sister)
  • Lana Loud (6-year-old Sister)
  • Lisa Loud (4-year-old Sister)
  • Lily Loud (1-year-old Sister)
  • Bobert (The Amazing World of Gumball) (Love Interest)


  1. Tiaras
  2. Beauty pageants
  3. Fashion shows
  4. Tea parties
  5. Dresses
  6. Makeup
  7. The color pink
  8. Giving makeovers
  9. Photo shoots
  10. Dolls
  11. Glitter
  12. Her own face
  13. Being nice to Bobert


  1. Getting dirty
  2. Looking ugly
  3. Boyish stuff
  4. People not liking her makeovers
  5. Mud
  6. Being replaced in a pageant

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