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The Lomin are a humanoid species. They were a people who believed that they were a higher form of species and that their planet was at the center of the universe. Their planet had a unified government led by a chancellor. Lomins don't have individual digits on their hands and feet, like most humanoid species; instead, their digits are webbed together similar to a mitten. Their heart (or "cardio organ") is located in the lower chest (at about the location of a Human's intestines), and their pulse can be checked on the wrist similar to Humans. Their digestive tract is in the upper chest, (about where a Human's heart/lungs would be). Lomins have a total of 31 ribs (or "costal struts"), 16 on one side, 15 on the other. Their enlarged foreheads are called "cranial lobes". During a coup attempt on their homeworld on April 9th 2560, 6,000 lomin escaped their world in an experimental warp-ship. On October 21st 2560, they were found by a human ship and were taken back to Earth.

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