These pages are associated with a database - The London Booktrades - A Biographical Resource. The database is currently deposited at SAS Space E-Repository - School of Advanced Study, University of London. The purpose of the database is to provided a structured entry for all known printers, booksellers, bookbinders, stationers and others in associated trades who worked in London roughly from the introduction of printing up until the end of the year 1830. Anyone known to have been active in that year, even only in the capacity of an apprentice, is included and an attempt will be made to follow their careers through. All known members of the Stationers' Company, whether in the book trades or not, are included. Known spouses have their own entry. It must be emphasised that this is work in progress and that the coverage is uneven. For some the entry may only establish their existence, for others there is much detailed information.

The Bibliographical Society and The Oxford Bibliographical Society are sponsoring the work of converting the [Microsoft Access] database into a web-based site. Meanwhile, it is available for downloading but this takes a considerable time. A text file of the Index, which contains an entry for each form of the Surname encountered in the process of collecting the information for those currently included in the database, is available alongside the database at SAS Space E-Repository. There are currently around 31,000 individuals included in the database.


Plomer, H.R. (1907), p.2

ALLEN (JOHN), bookseller in London, (1) Rising Sun in the New Buildings
1656-67. Amongst his early publications were some astrological tracts;
but in 1659 he wrote and published two pamphlets against the practice of
judicial astrology. The second of these, entitled Judicial Astrologers
totally routed, contains on the last leaf a list of 14 books sold by him.
[B.M. 718 d. 31.] His name occurs in the Hearth Tax Roll, 1666, as
living in Little Britain. [P.R.O. Lay Subsidy 252/32.]

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